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Kirsten is a writer who loves to practice vipassana meditation, yoga, travel, and learning about nature, consciousness, and how to make the world a better place. Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying In Flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe. Kirsten loves to learn about the holistic healing arts. She is also interested in ancient cultures and practices such as Druidism. Kirsten is honored to be apart of such an incredible movement of love and heart centered living in this world.

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Imagine a world where nature and technology join forces allowing us to maintain our information age but while also working alongside biology? What if we were able to create a living, breathing machines that were patterned after the organisms all around us on the earth today?  

Such ideas and debates have been all throughout science fiction movies, books and discussions but has never really been something we could grasp, until now.  

By studying the biology of our bodies researchers are developing the first living computers.

The exact substance that provides the cells with energy in our bodies is called, Adenosine triphosphate or for short, ATP. An international research team that was led by Prof. Nicolau who is the Chair of the Department of Bioengineering from McGill, strongly believes that this type of substance could possibly be exactly what is utilized to power the next upcoming generations of supercomputers.

This new model of supercomputer would be much smaller than the ones used today, utilizing proteins that are naturally present in all living cells, at the same time using a lot less energy.

Dan Nicolau says,

“We’ve managed to create a very complex network in a very small area.”

The diagram of the circuit the researchers have created kind of resembles the way a large cities roads work. For example in a city you have all different shapes and sizes of vehicles and roads, overpasses and underpasses. A more efficient way of transferring information back and forth.  

If you look at an overhead view of a city, you will see a perfect example, a type of system that can effectively transfer data. A cities roads can typically get you somewhere faster and more organized than a single lane road in which everyone is trying to drive down at the exact same time.

More sustainable computing

In the case of this new biocomputer, this huge city is a tiny chip that only measures about 1.5 cm square in which the channels “roads” have been etched into the material.  Instead of the electrons being powered by electrical charges and move around within a normal, traditional microchip, the short strings of proteins (named biological agents by the researchers) travel all around the circuit in a more controlled way, their every movement fueled by ATP, the chemical, or juice so to speak, for everything from plants to politicians.

Compared to the standard energy output of the supercomputers of today, the energy required to power the new bio supercomputers would be far less, ultimately allowing it to be more sustainable for longer periods of time.  Nowadays our modern-day supercomputers use so much electricity, including heating up from the processing power, pretty much need a whole darn power plant just to function at all.

So to pretty much sum up that more scientific talk,  the scientists were able to create a bio-supercomputer, utilizing the way the human body process energy and information within itself to function. Every item having its own path or road throughout the body to increase processing power.  So why not get the computer to do the same thing.

Moving from model to reality

Remember though, since the model of that bio-supercomputer was able to efficiently handle a complex classical mathematical problem by utilizing the parallel computing of the kind used by modern supercomputers, the researchers were then able to recognize that even though this idea has so much potential, they still have a lot of work ahead of them when moving up to constructing a full-scale functional computer.

Nicolau says,

“Now that this model exists as a way of successfully dealing with a single problem, there are going to be many others who will follow up and try to push it further, using different biological agents, for example. It’s hard to say how soon it will be before we see a full scale bio super-computer. One option for dealing with larger and more complex problems may be to combine our device with a conventional computer to form a hybrid device. Right now we’re working on a variety of ways to push the research further.”

We are now just discovering the secrets of the nano-bio technology from sci-fi films and comic books.  At this rate, the things of science fiction may soon be normal everyday science.

So pretty much what this means is that these guys were able to look at how the human body functions, such as processing information throughout the body, and figure out a way to allow our computers processors to do the same thing.  Before you know it all of our cell phones and desktop computers will become so small and powerful that the technology in movies such as avatar will be the thing of tomorrow.


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I recently watched a free documentary online that completely blew my mind. I have seen Zeitgeist, Thrive, and Cowspriacy  but somehow this documentary has completely alluded my knowledge until now. I feel it is important to keep an eye on what is going on in the world and see what it is we can do in our lives to protect ourselves and stay informed at the same time.

That is why I am going to recommend to each of you to take the time and check out this video, ask good questions and independently research anything that is questionable. It can be a lot to swallow but we need to make sure we understand what we aren’t being told by mainstream media or the current education system of this planet.

“We have created this society, not each one of us but our past generations. We have, those, and us, have created this present immoral, destructive society and we are trapped by that society. That society was made by each one of us, so we are responsible for that society. Whether, it is possible, not to change society, but is it possible to radically, deeply transform our condition, which is, understand deeply, our consciousness, which is what we are. Is it possible to transform, not into something, but to change, bring about a mutation in the very structure and nature of our consciousness. That is the problem. That is the crisis. It’s not political crisis, economic crisis or the crisis of war but the crisis is in ourselves…” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

I want to briefly go over what the documentary is about and what each section covers. If you need subtitles in another language or would rather just read the movie transcript those links are also provided at the bottom.


Part One

 Part one of the Trance-Formation documentary does a good job helping us see our power and role in the current world structure by asking an important question: “What if you could change the world by changing your perspective of it? Would you?”

“The only real danger that exists is man himself. We are the great danger and we are pitifully unaware of it. We are the origin of all coming evil…” – Carl Jung

We have an incredible world with an incredible ecosystem that is balanced in such a way that we often take it for granted. Just because we aren’t directly linked with a specific species of life doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t have a huge impact on us or the world if it were to go extinct. Yet even with some sort of basic understanding of this connection we, as a planet, seem satisfied with turning a blind eye or seeing ourselves as the center of the whole system.


What Trance-formation suggests is that our disconnection from the truth of what is happening on our planet and our role in changing things comes from a very specific educational system plan to dumb us down and trick us into believing one very important lie: that the government and its system is real.

According to ancient records including the Vedic Texts, humans weren’t always so disconnected. In fact, we used to live in a world of peace and harmony because we understood our place and purpose within the ecosystem. Unfortunately, something changed in history and we have built a mess of a society that is in need of some drastic changes.

Part Two

The second part of the documentary goes over a very interesting and somewhat scary part of the global elites plan which involves the merging of man and machine. Although it seems that our educational system is already gearing us for that exact line of thought it seems that the plan is much more elaborate than we previously thought.

Will this be our salvation or create another prison even harder to escape?

If you have ever seen the movie Transcendence or the documentary Transcendence Man then you know a bit about what we are talking about.

With our systematic dumbing down of the population with lessons that teach us what to think instead of how to think it is no wonder that it is nearly impossible for many people to take a moment, step back and see the reality as it is instead of the biased views that are coming from the television. Even if a reporter has good intentions they are only showing one view of what is happening, then that story is edited to show only what the network wants us to see and then we believe that what we are seeing is the truth.

In a world where we are already often confused and overly focused on our left brain type of thinking, it makes the idea of embracing technology a logical step in our evolution. However, is this the right move for us as a species? When we consider that we have some incredibly complex biocomputer organisms, aka our body, mixed with the idea of merging them with emotionless and limited nanorobotic technology we run into many concerns and issues.

Will this merger further our disconnection from ourselves and nature? Will these “enhancements’ be controllable by an outside force such as the government or a corporation? What kinds of lack of privacy will this add into our world?


Part Three

The last part of this documentary explores the biggest issue about the whole nano-technology idea when they bring up the idea that perhaps this process is already underway and our choice in the matter may have already been taken away. It is one thing when they ask each of us if we would like to participate, but when it is forced upon us from a variety of directions including the possibility of processed foods, vaccinations, and even chemtrails it really starts putting entire populations at risk.


On top of the possible scare, is evidence of advanced organisms and nano-fibers within our air and bodies that have are being found all over the world and in the majority of the population. Even though this plan seems to be going on right in front of us it seems that only a tiny part of the population is rejecting the foreign matter on a biological level.


Since the nanoparticles being used are actually only the size of a piece of dust it is easy to think that many of them could be getting into the environment in the natural world such as with plants, animals, water systems, and even people. If this is truly going on many people would ask why the powers that be would want to risk contaminating themselves in all of this mass spraying. When it comes down to it they are so bought into the vision of what they are creating that they are excited to be part of the new system and merge with technology.

Part Four

We live in a world where 2% of the population controls 98% of the global resources while the other 98% of people are left to compete against each other in order to gather some small fraction of the other 2% that is left to them in order to support their lives and their families. -Trans-Formation

One of the biggest keys to this and other issues is that we work to change our perception of what is truth and what is not. In the end, it seems there will be two paths for humanity. One where we numb out and merge with machines which have the potential to get us lost in a worse slave system than we currently have.

The second path seems to be a mass awakening where we choose as individuals to cultivate love, connection and care for the environment as part of our core purpose. The choice is yours.

“The source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed.” This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose.” – Ayn Rand

Check out the documentary above and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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For Subtitles in other languages click here.

For the Movie Transcript Click here.


Believe it or not the doctor, the pills you are taking, the treatments you undergo or even the surgery you have isn’t what heals your body or cures your illness. Herbs, medicines, exercise and therapy only does one thing; it supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Whether you get sick or break your leg the healing that takes place comes from your own immune system, and bodies ability to regenerate.

With that being known we do have the ability to make sure our body and mind have the proper support that it needs in order to expedite our healing and help us heal more completely. This can be done with many different plant medicines, eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing stress, freeing the mind and cultivating a holistic and positive way of life. Being surrounded by loving family or friends can also aid in the healing process.

Our minds are also incredibly powerful when it comes to the healing process. Even if you just study the placebo effect you will be shocked at how many times the body will heal itself once it feels like it has permission to do so. The science behind how it works is largely unknown but there is definitely an underlying factor that we often forget in our society which is that we have much more power over our situation and health than we have previously been lead to believe.


The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing

In the documentary The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing they go over some of the most powerful factors that affect our ability to heal and create a holistic life. The major focus of the film is the science and case by case evidence for not only our ability to heal our own body but how energy healing can be done by another in order to expedite the healing process.


The film includes experts in many fields including psychology, bioenergetic research, holistic and homeopathic doctors, nutritionists and many other dedicated scientists. It follows practitioners and patients as they explain the process of how traditional healthcare is starting to see the benefits of this field and people are beginning to recover from many major diseases.

One of the example cases in the documentary is a young boy with cerebral palsy who struggles to walk on the flat part of his foot, open his hand, walk down stairs or even hug his parents. He comes in contact with an energy healer who is able to bring him a great deal of relief, ease his pain and greatly increase his quality of life.

Another story talks about the incredible stories of a woman who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and about another woman who has fibromyalgia and had almost completely stopped functioning because of her chronic fatigue syndrome. Each of these cases were greatly impacted by the information-based therapy or energy healing.

Watch the Documentary Live Right Here!

Modern medicine really doesn’t have a framework for the vast possibilities and potential of the healing power of the body and mind combination. The major issues comes down to the current system they have which is all based around a biochemical system. Though we do have many important chemical reactions and hormones in our system there is also a whole web of electrical energy that influences our mind, body, and emotions.

Our Minds Physically Change our Body

The alternative and more holistic approach in this documentary really helps us understand how we can push the limits on our own life in order to increase our own health and wellness while also reaching our potential.

One of my favorite examples is the study they present where people went to the gym and exercised their biceps while another group sat at home and visualized the exercise. In both groups the researchers saw increased muscle mass. It is incredible when you think about how the body couldn’t tell the difference between what happens physically and what happens only in our minds.


Our Thoughts Matter

In the end it seems absolutely crucial that we take the time to train our minds in a way where we aren’t overrun with our negative and limiting thoughts. If you are continuously thinking that your situation is helpless it makes it extremely hard for the body to heal itself. Tools such as positive thinking, sending compassionate thoughts to others, and changing our thinking patterns can be one of the biggest key elements in our own self healing process.

Another example from the film that stuck out to me is the experiment where the doctors performed surgery on a group of patients that all complained of knee pain and had been diagnosed with arthritis. Half of the surgeries where real and the others where faked in a way that appeared real to the patient on the outside. In the end both groups healed up as if they had the surgery but half of them didn’t have a real surgery.

This shows us that when we are convinced that something will heal us our body will begin to heal itself in a way that should encourage a worldwide study of mind over matter and information-based therapies.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about energy healing, information-based therapy, and how this could impact the medical world.


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We are well aware that plastic is starting to cover our planet at an alarming rate. Everything from plastic bags that hold our groceries to plastic bottles are filling up our landfills, polluting our oceans and even being burned and releasing toxic chemicals into our air.

Plastic takes a REAL LONG TIME to biodegrade

In our modern society plastic bottles are pretty much everywhere. They come from water bottles, reusable utensils, all the way to soda bottles. Every single year there are more and more of them that are filling up the landfills. How long does it really take for a normal plastic bottle to biodegrade?

We all know that all of the different kinds of plastics that are out there all degrade at different times, but the average time that it takes for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at the least 450 years. Some bottles do not completely degrade for 1000 years! 

To add to that, where you aware that 90% of all bottles made each year aren’t even recycled? Kind of makes you think twice about that soda or water bottle, doesn’t it? Finally, there are bottles that are made with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) which will never biodegrade.

About 1.5 million barrels of oil are used every year to make plastic bottles, and even more oil is burned transporting them. Most of the time, the water inside the bottles has more contaminants than regular old tap water, meaning you could be drinking some serious problems. The EPA has more strict standards on tap water than the FDA does for bottled water, which is something to think about when you’re thirsty! And those reusable bottles? Make sure you’re not a collector, because those will never biodegrade. 

Plastic is finding its way into everything natural

Plastic is getting into everything. The global fishing industry dumps an estimated 150,000 tons of plastic into the oceans every year, that also includes plastic nets, packaging, buoys, and lines. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, which most of which is plastic, is dumped into the world’s oceans.


The North Pacific Gyre (The Great Pacific Garbage Patch)

Yes, that’s right there is a Great Pacific Garbage Patch that has collected into a large mass that is located in the central North Pacific Ocean and is roughly between 135° to 155°W and 35° to 42°N. 

There have been many scientists that have suggested that this enormous patch extends over an extremely wide area. The estimated ranges for the mass are from an area the size of Texas to one that is larger than the whole continental United States. In recent data that was collected from pacific albatross populations that strongly suggest that there may even be two distinct zones of this concentrated debris in the Pacific.

Recently a group of researchers discovered another major concern to our local water supplies and rivers: Microplastic.  

Microplastics from Water Treatment Plants

There are actually millions of different tiny pieces of plastic that are escaping wastewater treatment plant filters and winding back into natural rivers where they could contaminate the food system and water supplies, according to the brand new research that is being presented here in this article.

What exactly are microplastics you might ask? Well, they are small pieces of plastic that are so small that they are less than 5 millimeters or (0.20 inches) wide. They are becoming a huge environmental concern in ocean waters, where they can damage the ecosystem to the point of also causing great harm to ocean animals. Not to mention that these plastics are also getting into freshwater rivers.

Rivers are the only source of drinking water for many communities and also creates habitats for wildlife. The microplastics are starting to enter into rivers and is affecting the river ecosystems, according to assistant professor from Loyola University Chicago, Timothy Hoellein. This plastic is being potentially eaten by fish and winding up in our bodies as well.

“Rivers have less water in them (than oceans), and we rely on that water much more intensely,” Hoellein said.

In a study, Hoellein and his team looked at 10 different urban rivers in the Illinois area. They found out that the water downstream from a wastewater treatment plant had a much higher concentration of these microplastics than water that was upstream from the plant.

The team’s initial estimates suggested that wastewater treatment plants are catching 90% or more of the incoming microplastics. The team found out that the amount of microplastics being released daily with treated wastewater into rivers is significant, ranging from 15,000 to 4.5 million particles per day, per treatment plant, according to the new research.

“[Wastewater treatment plants] do a great job of doing what they are designed to do — which is treat waste for major pathogens and remove excess chemicals like carbon and nitrogen from the water that is released back into the river,” Hoellein said. “But they weren’t designed to filter out these tiny particles.”

Hoellein said that he and his scientists are working hard to figure out just how much plastic staying in the rivers and how much of it ends up in the oceans. By studying microplastics in the rivers scientists could begin to better understand the entire lifecycle of these little microplastics.

“The study of microplastics shouldn’t be separated by an artificial disciplinary boundary,” he said. “These aquatic ecosystems are all connected.”

It seems that so much of our trash still ends up in the oceans and rivers of our world. To some people, it may be too hard to make a conscious shift to being more aware of where our waste goes and how to make less of it. So with that being said it seems that if we continue down the path we are on with how we handle plastic bottles and other trash then all of our fresh clean sources of water will all be contaminated.

What did you think about this topic? Leave us a comment and join the discussion below.


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via MinutePhysics

Quantum Teleportation and issues with consciousness is a much-debated issue especially among the fans of Star Trek and among the many science videos on youtube. The biggest concern coming up is while it may be possible to teleport or replicate our exact anatomical structure does the part of us that is our consciousness teleport or is it left behind and essentially killed off?

While there is still a long way to go before we will be able to teleport living matter lets go over some of the basics of the 1990’s discovery of quantum teleportation and then see what the debate is all about.

What is Quantum Teleportation?

Quantum teleportation is not like teleportation in the fictional world. It doesn’t take all of your atoms and then energetically transport them to a new location where you are reassembled. Instead, it is a process where the exact atomic information in one location is exactly duplicated onto new atoms in a new location.

So in a sense instead of teleporting from one place to another, you are essentially just duplicating every bit of an object or person down to the very last detail. The problems with this is that in order to perform a teleportation the original body, or object, would need to be destroyed in order to exactly duplicate it in the new location perfectly.

If that were to happen to a person does that essentially mean that we would die on our way through the teleportation only to be a duplicate of ourselves with the same memories but completely different self-structure on the other side?

Now that we understand a bit more about what we are dealing with let’s jump into the first video where CGP Grey explores scientific questions around ‘The Trouble with Transporters‘.

It is you on the other end of the transporter or just a copy that thinks it is you?

I guess this all comes down to what we consider ourselves to be. Are we our bodies and physical brains or is there more going on that meets the eye? What if the teleportation only moves our physical bodies and doesn’t include undiscovered frequencies that make up our ability to be ourself?

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 1.19.57 PM

When you think about the fact that as we eat and age our physical body is constantly being replaced by new atoms while our minds and self-identity remain fairly consistent, then maybe the idea of going through a transporter isn’t that big of a deal. Especially if you feel like yourself on the other side and are then are able to continue life without any side effects when it comes to body, mind, and retaining memories.

Minute Physics decided to tackle these questions further by bringing up some important points to add to this discussion, check it out below.

Minute physics does a great job of wrapping the theory up with a basic overview of quantum teleportation and why we would essentially be destroyed every time we wanted to teleport anywhere.

Would you use a teleporter if you knew that you would essentially be destroyed each time? Join the discussion below and let us know what you think about teleportation!


Image Source: MinutePhysics

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For 4 Generations Tommy Sonnen’s family has run the Sonnen Ranch where they raise cattle for dairy and slaughter in Angleton, Texas. A few months ago all that changed when Tommy’s vegan wife Renee of 6 years couldn’t take it anymore.

This is an unusual story, especially for Texas, but on an inspirational journey of transformation, one couple decided it was time to shift into a more aware lifestyle. 6 years ago when Tommy and Renee were married Tommy warned Renee to not bond with the cattle or to name them, but she didn’t listen.

She starting spending time with the cattle, named them, and even sang to them. This became a cattle farmers worst nightmare because as the cattle were lead to slaughter Tommy’s vegan wife Renee decided she couldn’t live with cattle rancher anymore.


“I would give the cattle names, get used to their personalities, play with them, and then came the day when he’d take them to the slaughterhouse on the red truck,” Renee told ABC13. After being fed up on a core level she decided to give her husband an ultimatum. “He was just going to get out of the business or our marriage was going to be over.”

Tommy realized that things had to change if he were to save his marriage so he decided to sell his herd. That is when Renee realized that sending the cattle to another farm wouldn’t solve the problem. So she asked her husband if he would sell the cattle to her.

“And he looks at me like ‘You have lost it! You are crazy!’” Renee told CBS Evening News.


Tommy wasn’t aware that Renee had been running a blog named “Vegan Journal of a Rancher’s Wife” which had pulled in thousands of followers and with the help of her supporters she was able to raise $30,000 in order to purchase the Sonnen Ranch from her husband.

She then hired Tommy to help her run her non-profit ranch known as “Rowdy Girl Sanctuary” where around 30 cattle live in peace. They have also used the ranch to rescue other animals from slaughter. This is perfect for animals that are considered unfit for breeding and would otherwise be sent straight to slaughter.


You may be wondering at this point how Tommy felt about all this and to be honest he wasn’t thrilled at first. After generations of raising cattle and eating steaks, he did something that is nearly unbelievable for a rancher. He started bonding with the cattle and even faced some of his own core beliefs about meat eventually following in Renee’s footsteps and becoming a vegan himself.

Check out the video below of this incredible transformational story.

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We’re always striving to move away from coal and oil to power our world, but Tesla Motors is in a full on sprint, and they want to share their dream with the world. We have all heard the news about the Tesla Powerwall but without a knowledge of batteries it is a bit hard to understand why the breakthrough is so exciting. Let’s take a minute to break it down!

Solar has always been a bit of a pain to manage and set up, but Tesla’s new Powerwall changes all of it. The Powerwall is sleek and efficient while completely erasing the issues of current-generation solar power storage. Up until recently most solar battery back-ups were a string of 4-12 Lead-Acid car batteries to help bridge the gap between peak solar (When your panels get the best sun) and peak electrical demand, allowing you to light your house at night without scraping out the extra change to do so. Some have even upped the battery count to cut out their electrical bill completely.

Why The Old Options Just Don’t Cut it!

Using a bunch of car batteries for solar is a good option, however, it requires some dangerous maintenance and can cause serious damage to you and your environment.

Lead-acid batteries need to be kept full of electrolyte (Sulphuric Acid in Water) to keep the battery performing its best. Many go for “AGM” lead-acid batteries instead to reduce risk in maintenance, but these are much more expensive.


AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. It’s there to soak up the acid solution and prevent it from physically spilling if knocked over.

Even past the maintenance issues, Lead-acid has drawbacks. They work well with solar only because they get the chance to charge and discharge throughout the day which is essential to the batteries life. Even a week with no charge on a lead-acid battery will dramatically reduce its charge. In the case of solar, this is wasted solar power.

Lead-acid loses its charge over time due to the internal electrolysis of the electrolyte (Electricity + H20 = Hydrogen and oxygen gas) and the ambient discharge of whatever material sits under it. Concrete and Metal will do this easily which is why it’s common practice to keep unused batteries on top of something like a wood shipping pallet. In your car’s case, it could lose capacity through the metal of the car, although the entire car is grounded back to the negative post of the battery making this effect go much slower. That plastic tray under there is actually to catch any acid that manages to escape from the battery, so it doesn’t corrode all over your engine bay. Regardless, your battery will absolutely die over time in a car that sits around without being ran.

The Tesla Powerwall Overcomes Major Issues

The Tesla Powerwall has none of these issues – It’s a bank of Lithium-Ion batteries. Not much different from the idea of a large water cooled phone charger, although owning a Powerwall solely to charge your phone is massive overkill. Or not, I won’t judge you.

Before I go into how this works I’d like to explain how reliable lithium-ion batteries are.
Lithium Ion ( Li-Io ) is built in a way where catastrophic failure results in excess heat and an inner seal busting open to safely vent any pressure that might have built up inside. Lithium Polymer, on the other hand, has a tendency to start fires when poked a bit too hard with something sharp.

A Youtuber by the name of AvE proved this using a hydraulic press.

Usually, Lithium Ion batteries come in prismatic (the flat removable battery in some phones) and Cylindrical, much like the AA battery would be shaped. These cylindrical lithium ion batteries are the most popular in the world. The 18650 (18mm wide, 650mm tall – about twice the size of a AA) is the standardized size. I can almost guarantee that this cell in its many makes and models is present in every mobile lithium-ion application, save for a very few super modern slim laptops. three good examples are lithium drill batteries, most every other laptop battery you’ll ever see, and (at the time of posting) all available lithium golf cart batteries.

via Tesla
via Tesla

Lithium solar battery backups don’t have the issues that a lead-acid backup would. Lithium Ion can sit fully charged for months on end with little to no loss of capacity and don’t require a minute of maintenance after it’s been installed. As for total capacity? Lithium Ion has the highest energy density (power it can hold in a specific size and weight) out of most other commercial energy storage systems available. This means that this Powerwall is much lighter and much more powerful than its solar-bank predecessors. Finer details of the Tesla Powerwall can be found on the Tesla website here.

The Commercial Powerpack!

Tesla also offers a variant of the Powerwall called the Powerpack , which is essentially a power-wall built to use the modules that they place inside of their vehicles. The main change of the “power-pack” is that it’s designed more as an industrial / commercial backup battery to help offset peak times and loads, which means it “shaves off” most of the electrical demand at times of the day where the company using it would otherwise be paying a good portion more. It has much less focus on the solar implementation, but it’s technical specifications show that it’s just as capable as the official powerwall for solar use.

Due to the fine-tuned supply/demand prices that today’s power companies implement, using Tesla’s Powerpack is an incredibly effective way to avoid up-ending the company budget on its power bills. They’re built to order and can be scaled up to a virtually limitless amount of stored energy, although they resemble the size of a refrigerator rather than something that hangs on the wall. The Powerpack uses the same modules as their cars, which means that those who want to start out small can slowly and easily expand their storage capacity over time.

It goes without saying that such high-powered battery backups are invaluable to industries that would need constant power, specifically the medical industry. Hospitals could utilize these backups in conjunction with generators as a “Plan C” for power outages, which could prove essential in saving countless lives in the rare scenarios where hospitals find themselves relying on backup power. Alternately, these are a big attraction to data centers around the world seeing as a power loss could end up with ludicrous amounts of money lost in damage from an outage.

Coincidentally, all of the batteries for Teslas cars and their Powerwall are large arrays of these 18650 lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Panasonic and shipped overseas to us, although plans for a Battery Manufacturing Plant in Sparks, Nevada will make all of Tesla’s products cheaper without cutting any performance – which could eventually dethrone Coal and Oil as the power production standard in the U.S. in favor for solar and wind – because now we can actually store the power that our green technology brings us.

A bright looking future indeed, but we’ll all be waiting awhile to see this possibility come to fruition. Whether or not it ever will is anyone’s guess, but optimism makes sense here. Mr. Musk is putting his money where his mouth is and he’s absolutely not slowing down for anything.

Written by Alexandre Sheets

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According to a recent study, psychedelics may be the key to cutting back domestic violence especially when to comes to people who have struggled with substance abuse.

It is only recently that new research has been able to resume when it comes to the world of psychedelics. From the 1950’s all the way to the early 1970’s a lot of research was conducted on the subject. LDS or lysergic acid diethylamide was made illegal in the 70’s which made it hard for researchers to continue their work.

It was only recently that the government began to loosen the noose around the psychedelic world of research and allowed a few studies to be done in order to look at the therapeutic possibilities.

Psychedelics and Addiction

When researchers looked at 6 different studies in the 1960’s and 70’s they found that LSD was able to help people who were struggling with an addiction to alcohol and was “as successful as any treatment since,” according to neuropsychopharmacology professor David Nutt from Imperial College in London.

Psychedelics have also been able to help people such as Gordon McGlothlin who until recently had been addicted to cigarettes from the time he was 15 till the age of 65 sometimes smoking as many as 20 cigarettes per day. What is incredible about his story is that even though he had smoked so long and had tried everything from traditional nicotine replacement therapies and even quitting cold turkey, nothing worked until he participated in a new clinical trial involving psilocybin.


The research study, which was conducted at John Hopkins University in Maryland would have their test subjects listen to classical music in a room after taking a small blue capsule. After McGlothlin received this treatment he left the treatment center and has been smoke-free for almost 2 years now.

Psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms has shown a lot of promise as a therapeutic agent when it comes to treating addiction, as well as anxiety and depression.

“I think psilocybin gave me the impetus to stay abstinent. It opens up a whole new dimension to your personality. It is almost as though quitting smoking is peripheral during the experience,” says McGlothlin.

Psychedelic and Domestic Violence

According to a recent study by UBC Okanagan psychedelic drugs may be able to help reduce violence in men who also struggle with substance abuse problems. In this particular study, there were two groups of incarcerated males in the US. The first group is those who do not or have not used psychedelics and the second was those who have used drugs such as psilocybin, MDMA, or LSD.

According to the study after leaving prison 42% of the men in the first group were arrested within the first 6 years because of domestic violence. The second group, those who did use psychedelics would only have a 27% chance of being arrested for violence.

This study followed the lives of 302 inmates who had a history of substance use for 6 years after they were released from prison.

“While not a clinical trial, this study, in stark contrast to prevailing attitudes that views these drugs as harmful, speaks to the public health potential of psychedelic medicine,” says Assoc. Prof. Zach Walsh “As existing treatments for intimate partner violence are insufficient, we need to take new perspectives such as this seriously.”


“Intimate partner violence is a major public health problem and existing treatments to reduce reoffending are insufficient,” he goes on to say. “With proper dosage, set, and setting we might see even more profound effects. This definitely warrants further research.”

Professor Peter Hendricks from the University of Alabama is another researcher who worked on this study. He strongly believes that using psychedelics such as psilocybin could completely revolutionize how we treat people with mental health issues.

“Although we’re attempting to better understand how or why these substances may be beneficial, one explanation is that they can transform people’s lives by providing profoundly meaningful spiritual experiences that highlight what matters most,” says Prof. Hendricks. “Often, people are struck by the realization that behaving with compassion and kindness toward others is high on the list of what matters.”

Hopefully, as awareness spreads more studies will be approved on this illegal substance and under the right conditions we could find a more therapeutic use of psychedelics. In recent years, more interest has surfaced leading doctors and researchers to push for more studies to be done.

“The experiences of unity, positivity, and transcendence that characterize the psychedelic experience may be particularly beneficial to groups that are frequently marginalized and isolated, such as the incarcerated men who participated in this study,” says Walsh.

Are you wanting to learn more about Psychedelics and the levels of a psychedelic experience? Check out this video below for more information.

Have you experienced psychedelics?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below how you think this new area of thought could change how we treat addiction, reduce violence and help people with mental health issues.


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Unified Field of Consciousness

Einstein believed that there was an equation for a Unified Field that could explain the reason for everything in existence.  With this knowledge, time, space and even humanity’s origin could be deeply understood.

5a69ef_91538f3019dd446ba7418401cfa401bcToday, in the world of quantum physics, there are so many mysteries that our current understanding of reality seems unequipped to grasp phenomena such as the double slit experiment, the observer effect, phantom DNA and quantum entanglement.  At the same time, there are many scholars beginning to think outside the box.

Quantum Physicist Ph.D. John Hagelin explains the foundation of the Universe is a single Universal field of intelligence.  Particles of nature are understood to be One, a Universal ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness in motion. We are just different ripples on a single ocean of existence at the basis of everything.

“Just as the waves are continuous with the ocean. Your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos, and it’s all you.” — Alan Watts

New evidence is beginning to show us that everything is Energy and the result of an indiscernible sound wave or frequency. Vibrational frequency creates the energy that becomes solid matter. Galaxies, planets, plants, animals and humans are all just waves of vibration of this Unified Field. In essence, we are literally united and One at the core!


Connected Universe

“The Universe is connected and alive and we are a part of the metric of space.” — Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein, the Director of Research at the Resonance Foundation, was deeply inspired by Einstein and continued to pursue Einstein’s idea that geometry held the key to creating a unified equation for the Universe. He proposes that space is not empty, but rather full of untapped energy.  This action, reaction, and connection between the energy present in space is creating a dynamic flow in the Universe.  Simply put, it could be thought of as “the Universe is dancing with energy”.


In the Resonance Foundations various media productions, Nassim explains the idea of a Holofractographic Universe. His findings explore the fractal (infinitely repeating pattern), holographic (illusion) and geometric nature of space from the macrocosm to the microcosm, and thus how the potential of the Whole is within each piece of the Universe on every scale.

“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.” — Plato

Sacred Geometry

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything is connected to everything else.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Everything in the universe is geometrically connected.  Sacred Geometry is the source code of the Unified Field. It’s the language of nature, a fundamental blueprint of the universal creation process.

It’s not a coincidence that human hands & tree branches have the same fractal growth patterns or that our hearts & the Earth have the same toroidal-shaped electromagnetic field.  Even our embryos contain the fundamental geometries of star clusters and galaxies.

Patterns are always present when our eyes are open. Every single system in nature uses fundamental mathematical languages as a template for growth. We can find all kinds of mathematical formulas and sequences in nature, such as the Golden spiral/ratio or Fibonacci sequence/numbers in pineapples, sunflowers, tornado formations and even galaxy arms.


When we start to see universal patterns everywhere we look, a realization of interconnection occurs deep within us. We start to see that all is intimately unified. When this occurs, we begin to simply choose Love in every aspect of our lives.

“True love is born from understanding.” — Buddha


Ascension & Healing HeArt

5a69ef_0da913c19fae4e0ea167bc500f41086eAs our understanding of Sacred Geometry develops, we begin to see deeper connections between Science & Spirituality.  As a reminder of our interconnected & united nature with all life, interacting with Sacred Geometry on a daily basis invites harmony & balance into our experience. This idea inspired and changed my life profoundly and I found myself at the center of my passions by exploring Sacred Geometry as a communication tool with consciousness in everyday life.  I found my purpose by participating in nature’s harmony.

“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.”  — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ve learned that visualization & attention are key in 5a69ef_6fc9a828e0f64ee6bc88f7e017520a34spiritual growth.  They are fundamental in many energy practices such as Qigong, Tai-chi and Reiki. Creating designs based on Sacred Geometry help us to visualize, touch and play with Universal Energy formations, giving us direct communication with the divine.

This is a meditative art that can help us find resonance with our inner and outer lives. Eventually this intention brought me to develop my dream project, Healing HeArt, where I am able to develop and share this deep and meaningful experience with everyone by creating personal communication tools and crafts for seekers.

For the first time in human history we have technology to create precise patterns without any error or mistake. Thankfully there are laser machines available for everyone to produce any possible design from a collective digital platform to the physical world.

5a69ef_df3c0fc24bc2404aa652401179959a0fThe possibilities are infinite when it comes to creating art pieces, tools, crafts, toys or even small size constructions wherein we can meditate or experience the harmonious presence around us.

As Sacred Geometry reflects the potential of the collective, we can also create amazing innovations together and support various artists with our collaboration.

You are not here reading this by accident, you are here for a greater purpose than you could ever imagine. We are here to restore the balance and uplift humanity into the next stage of evolution; from separated duality consciousness to interconnected unity consciousness, in which all life is in equilibrium and harmony.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”– Buddha

Love you All

Can Bolel

Support artists like Can by checking out his Indiegogo Project and Awesome Sacred Geometry designs!


Article Shared with permission from Inphinity Design

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Doctors have found an exciting new non-evasive light therapy that can help the body’s own cells fight cancer! Supporting our own bodies in fighting disease, aka immunotherapy, is one of the most popular and growing areas of cancer research. Let’s face it, people are tired of chemotherapy and would prefer to avoid dangerous surgeries if they can help it. Now, with new therapies such and this new light technology we can boost the body without harming it.

Assistant professor Yubin Zhou, Ph.D. from the Center for Translational Cancer Research located at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Institute of Biosciences & Technology is actively studying how light can be used to control our body’s immune system and use it to fight cancer.

“Although neuroscientists have been using light to stimulate neurons for years, this is the first time the technique, called optogenetics, has been used in the immune system,” Zhou said.

'Optogenetics (from Greek optikós, meaning "seen, visible") is a biological technique which involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion channels.' -Wikipedia
‘Optogenetics (from Greek optikós, meaning “seen, visible”) is a biological technique which involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion channels.’ -Wikipedia

Typically in neuroscience, the scientists will engineer cells that will produce microbes that are light-sensitive. When exposed to different frequencies of light these microbes will produce proteins that can tell our nerves to send or stop sending nerve impulses.

“Neuroscientists have learned a lot about brain circuits using the technique,” Zhou said, “and now researchers in many other fields are giving it a try.”

Optogenetics and the Immune System

Zhou and his team have found a way to modify the technique in order to help the immune system. The work wasn’t easy: unlike nerve cells, your immune system’s cells don’t use known electrical impulses to communicate. Another challenge is that our immune system cells are deep inside the body and are constantly moving around making it hard to hit with the right amount of light.

They had to use some out of the box thinking and team work to figure out.

“We collaborated with Dr. Gang Han at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who does bionanotechnology and photomedicine development,” Zhou said. “Together, we were able to combine state-of-the-art optogenetic approaches with cutting edge nanotechnology.”

The new nanotechnology known as optogenetic immunomodulation was recently published in an article in eLife.

“This work was driven by talented scientists in the lab: graduate students Lian He and Peng Tan and postdoctoral research fellow Guolin Ma, Ph.D.,” Zhou said, “who fearlessly undertook this daunting project and overcame all the challenging obstacles to make this technique into reality.”

Doctors can use Light to Direct Immune System Cells

With this new technique, the researchers were able to control immune system cells and ‘instruct’ them to kill cancerous tumor cells. Using a near-infrared laser beam that is able to penetrate a few centimeters into your body the scientists can use nanoparticles to turn blue and direct the engineered immune cells to fight specific cancer cells. Just imagine a general and his

war-games-with-the-brain-as-the-generalJust imagine a general and his troops about to go into battle and once they get the light signal from central command they team up and destroy the cancer cells.

 “We are able to wirelessly control the action of immune cells buried deep in tissue,” Zhou said.

The researchers found a way to modify the immune cells so that their calcium gate-controlling protein was light sensitive. When they are exposed to blue light which is emitted by the nanoparticle they ‘open the ion gates’. Once the light is turned off the gates then close. Researchers can increase the flow of calcium into the cells by increase the flow of light.

They are still working on fine tuning the calcium-dependent actions of our immune cells so that they can better target tumor cells and invading pathogens that our body would otherwise not notice or be focused on fighting.

When animal tumor tests were conducted they were able to boost the immune system response which aided in the bodies ability to kill the cancer cells.

“The technique reduced tumor size and metastasis, so there are lots of applications,” Zhou said.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it only actives a specific type of immune system cell, the T-cell, and only in the area of the body where the light is being shined. When you get chemotherapy the immune system response is bodywide which can be a miserable process. With this non-invasive light tunable technique, they can focus the immune response only on and around the area of concern.

“Other scientists will likely use the technique to help them study immune, heart and other types of cells that use calcium to perform their tasks,” Zhou said. “It’s quite a cool technology. With these tools, we can now not only answer fundamental questions of science that we never could before but also translate it into the clinic for disease intervention.”

Zhou’s lab has been using this technique in order to see how effective specific cancers drugs will even have on people.

“If successful,” Zhou said, “all these efforts would remarkably improve the current cancer immunotherapies by personalizing the treatment to exactly where and when it is needed, while reducing side effects.”

What possible issues do you see with this new light therapy and the genetically modified immune cells? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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