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Phillip J Watt

Phillip J Watt lives in Australia. He best identifies as a ‘self-help guide’. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

Dear (insert name of politician, journalist, community representative or celebrity),

I am writing to raise information with you that is important for everybody to know. It doesn’t appear that you’re aware of it because if you were, I would like to assume that you’d share it through your networks to assist achieving the real change that we need.

Before I continue, I note that you appear as a genuine man/woman who really wants the best for your community and human family. However, when you’re focusing on the wrong problems, how can you expect to find the right solutions? There’s no need to be ashamed either; the public at large have been led astray from the real questions, and therefore the real answers, which is obviously one of the problems that will be identified below.

The many issues I’m referring to can generally be captured in a few primary areas. If we deal with these challenges, then the rest of the peripheral ones will be much easier to tackle.

1) The first problem area is the corrupted money supply.

It is a complex system (or at least purposely designed to be perceived that way), but simply described it is a debt-based model where so-called governments of the world, and therefore its people, loan money from a transnational banking monopoly and then pay it back with interest.

This is in contrast to sovereign nations which used to, and still can if they choose to, issue their own currency to create an honest and productive supply of money for its people. In layman’s terms, governments don’t need to borrow money, they can make it themselves (just like the private banks do) in an economically sound way, so that it directly benefits the people. This includes ensuring the hidden tax of inflation does not occur.

2) The second problem area is private banking.

This mechanism should be publicly owned for the public good, but it’s not. Money is created out of nothing by private banking institutions, contrary to popular belief that they get it from their vaults or borrow it from another institution. For the privilege of punching numbers into a computer, they make billions of dollars each year from it, further enriching those who are already swimming in money.

Imagine if we went back to public banks being the primary methodology for banking, in which their profits are reinvested into community infrastructure and social programs? We would no doubt finally begin to actually solve the many socioeconomic issues that pervade our societies, such as poverty and homelessness. These issues are continuing to increase all across the so-called developed and undeveloped regions too, so we need to do something radically different, or otherwise there will only be the rich and the poor left.

3) The third problem area is the party model of the political system.

The current political duopoly is a two party tyranny, because both sides have been purchased by big money. Subsequently, democracy doesn’t actually exist because the left/right illusion of choice covertly represents the corporatocracy.

There are so many people who have been disenfranchised by this failed system because their voices are not represented by those who are meant to be their employees, so they believe that government should not exist at all. They might be right, they might not, but in the meantime we need to apply a mechanism to ensure that big business (including the interconnected and private banking institutions), are not having their needs met over and above everything else.

It should be a well known fact that the next step is to institute electoral reform to dissolve the party system, so that independent candidates represent the true needs of their electorate and don’t have to toe a toxic party line. Reform is also necessary to remove money from the political spectrum so that the way we design our system puts the interests of the people and the environment first, not the corporations and the oligarchy behind the curtain.

4) The fourth problem area is the complicated and unfair tax system.

Ultimately it would be great if we could get rid of taxes entirely, but that’s not viable in the short term. First, we need to have a simple and fair tax system, such as a transaction tax where all individuals and businesses alike are taxed at a flat rate every time a transaction is made.

This is an easy way to make big business pay their fair share so the average person isn’t paying up to and over 50% of their wages in tax once you calculate all of them in, not just income tax. And the great thing is, with the electronic infrastructure we have in this day and age, it could be implemented near overnight.

5) The fifth problem area is an indoctrination process we call the education system.

It’s nice to think that there are many great teachers doing the best they can, which there are, but they’re working against a model that does not equip children with what they need to be healthy, as well as active members of their community. It misses many life skills, such as proper emotional regulation and basic living skills, and essentially teaches them ‘what to think, not how to think’.

Some people say this is the parents job, but what happens if the parents never learned? I’ll tell you what happens; exactly what we see today. The failed education system has resulted in explosions of dis-empowered, confused and unhealthy young adults entering the world almost totally unprepared for what awaits them, causing the further entrenchment of toxic behaviors in our communities.

We therefore need educational reform immediately, so that instead of having good little robotic workers and expert minions who are not wise enough to question the status quo, our new generations will be truly ready to not just look after themselves properly, but contribute to evolving our social systems too.

6) The sixth problem area is the pharmaceutical monopolies.

Seriously, does anyone really think that the pharmaceutical-medico complex truly wants to create cures, not customers? How can we not collectively see that they’re using the exact same tactics as the tobacco industry once did? Simply, our medicines are full of toxins, a huge proportion of which at the very least only treat the symptom, in the middle don’t work at all, and at worst disable and kill people.

To achieve the control they have over our collective health, they use money to buy so-called scientific and medical support. Sound familiar? Of course it does; it’s just like the tobacco industry was caught out doing. They have also unscientifically demonized natural cures, treatments and therapies. Ironically, most of their so-called medicines are actually plant or bacteria based, yet they perverted them into a toxin that they can legally patent. Surely you see a problem with that, right? Let’s hope so.

The fact that their narratives have been adopted as the orthodox views is nothing short of insane. In this light, we need to wipe the slate clean and start again; our medicines have been corrupted by money and until we table this for public discussion, many more people are going to suffer, and potentially even die.

7) The seventh problem area is the toxins in our food and water.

It’s no wonder that society is so overweight and unhealthy when we are bombarded with chemically-rich products that barely pass as containing nutritious ingredients. In addition, the industrial agriculture model of generally spraying only three petrochemical ingredients on our crops has also made our fruits and vegetables toxin-dense and lacking the dozens of minerals that we actually need for maintaining our health.

Furthermore, whoever thinks that it’s a good thing to add the neuro-toxin, Fluoride, to our water supply has once again been deceived by the monolithic industrial powers. This byproduct of the manufacturing industry numbs our brains, just like most pharmaceuticals do. Both our food and water, therefore, need to be cleansed of their toxins to benefit the minds and the bodies of the people.

8) The eighth problem area is the corporate media obstructing truth from the public.

The media monopolies protect corporate interests because they’re owned by them. The simplest example I can use is the fact that only those who have done their independent research are aware of the issues presented here. In reality, this entire conversation should be a topic on everyone’s minds, being discussed in every lounge room and tabled in the media and in politics for immediate action.

The media is simply a propaganda tool to sedate the masses from the truth, as well as fulfill the agenda of big money. Until we start discussing this on a widespread scale, nothing will change, so when are we going to accept that the corporate media has failed us and that we need to take serious action?

Final Thoughts.

Your time reading this letter is much appreciated. It’s no doubt challenging for anyone to hear this information when they believe the world works much differently, but it’s always better to align with the truth no matter how hard it is to face our delusions.

One day the people and their so-called representatives will come together to sort this mess out. With so many grass roots movements each focusing on one or two of the issues above, we’re only making slow progress. But if we compile them all together and open them for public debate, we might actually start getting somewhere fast.

So, why you have personally chosen not to focus on the real problems in our system? Is it because of ignorance, or greed? Do you have honor, or not? These questions are for your perusal; I’ll leave them up to you to contemplate.

In any case, I hope this letter has inspired you to make some changes to the way you respect your position of power. Peace to you and your family on this adventure of magic and madness we call life.

Yours sincerely,

(Sign your name).


Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel, or visit his website.

Waking up to the delusion of the mainstream perspective leads us on an epic adventure. We begin a serious journey down the rabbit hole and its multiple tunnels of truth and untruth, leaving us sometimes more confused then when we first began. So how are we to put into perspective the eclectic variety of claims for how our reality works in both the spiritual and material realms?

The short answer is that we need to accept that we’ll never know everything. After all, life is a journey, not a destination. When we lock this down, we have the advantage of being less likely to fall into a dogmatic position that inhibits us from continuing the expansion of our understanding, and therefore our consciousness.

When we think about the fact that we are a finite attempt at conceptualizing infinity, that we are a snapshot of consciousness and not consciousness itself, it’s an easy segue to understand that we can never fundamentally know anything, as paradoxical as that is. This is where the quote alleged to be said by Socrates comes in: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.

However, obviously we can know truths on a contextual level, such as that we’re having an experience where we eat, sleep, play, learn, heal and grow, among many other things. We might even be able to consciously resonate with our ecological, quantum and esoteric interconnection with reality. Yet these and all other beliefs about what is true and what is not still exists within our construct, so do they apply beyond that? What is over and above the actual reality we co-created ourselves in?

We can’t know, of course. It’s simply all speculation. So with that established, what can we definitively know about this particular experience? As indicated at the beginning of the article, we can agree – at least if we have any inkling of idea about what’s going on – that the orthodox views of our world are either outright inaccurate, or just simply incomplete.

Regardless if we’re talking about the philosophical dogma of materialism which has hijacked the interpretation of scientific endeavor, or who are the real players in the power pyramid that truly rules over our world, there’s no doubt that what we’ve been led to believe – particularly through the monopolized media of mind control and an indoctrination system called schooling – is so shamefully disconnected from the truth that it’s one of the most embarrassing manifestations in humanity’s history.

As a side note, for all the mainstream journalists and social commentators out there, you need to know that the true leaders of our world, the ones who are at the edge of the paradigm shift and are building alternative systems based in truth and honor, have explicitly illustrated how much you’ve failed to provide accurate narratives to the world at large.

It’s time you accepted it; it’s time you joined the right team.

In fact, that goes for all good-hearted politicians, celebrities, scientists, academics and any other person who has influence over the perception of the public.

But back to the story. We contextually know that a huge proportion of the people continue to dive down into the depths of darkness and delusion. In contrast, we also know that many people are stirring from their slumber and are looking for answers to what is really going on.

A basic metaphor for the spiritual experience is to think of each individual life form as a unique instrument in the orchestra of reality. We’ve all got our own energetic frequency, our own electromagnetic vibration, that influences and attracts energy within the greater grid of consciousness.

As an entry level to the systemic realities, the global banking cartel and their multinational minions have taken control of the money supply and media, as well as the education and political systems. There are various families, with various ideologies, who make up the 0.01% at the top of the matrix of control, at least on a material level.

All that has been well established, but for the more mind-bending subjects, I offer you an interview with Greg Carlwood from the The Higherside Chats (THC). Simply, his podcasts go deep, deep down through the wormholes of investigation in an unbiased and transparent way.

Topics include free energy, advanced technology, ancient civilizations, the corporatocracy, psy-ops, false flag terrorism, consciousness expansion, computer simulation theory, 911, extra-dimensional and trans-terrestrial intelligence, magic, MK Ultra, UFOs, undisclosed space travel, crop circles, the paranormal, super soldiers, spherical earth vs flat earth vs hollow earth vs torsion earth vs larger earth, chemtrails, medicinal mayhem – you name it.

And if Greg hasn’t yet had it on his podcast, he no doubt soon will.

The highly respectable aspect of his show is that he’s not trying to brainwash anybody into thinking anything; he respectfully critiques his guests views, as well as gives them a fair opportunity to put forward their theories and evidence without expecting any particular beliefs out of his audience.

Simply, he respects our freedom to choose what we believe, and what we don’t.

His podcast really is one of the leading examples of an informational platform that is designed to get not just the alternative, but the extra-alternative theories out there for open and transparent investigation by the public. So if you’re conspiratorial minded, or even if you’re just over the sedation of the mainstream mind-washing and are curious of the views put forward in the world of truth-seeking, then this is definitely a podcast worth listening to.

Beware though, you need to have your mind well opened to even simply consider the depths of how strange our reality might be.

In the following interview with Greg, we summarize as many of the conspiracies we can with the time we had. It’s designed as a one stop shop for accessing the many doors in the truth-seeking journey.

Enjoy, Phil.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.

This test will ascertain if you’re one of the many people who are perfectly designed robots of the system.

Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue about how reality works and are instead engaged in fruitless fighting against each other. How are we meant to wake these people up to the actual reality they live in before we sink into complete totalitarianism?

The first step is to encourage ourselves and others to ask the following questions. If you answer yes to them, you’ve been brainwashed by the status quo. Don’t believe me though; get your serious research on by, you know, reading books, watching documentaries and following the plethora of brilliant social commentators in the alternative media who are handing the people their freedom on a silver platter.

So, do you believe that:

1. Conspiracies are bullshit and that there’s no way information is being hidden from you?

2. Those at the tippy top of the power pyramid have your best interests and the earth’s best interests at heart?

3. Politicians are at the tip of this power structure?

4. Our governments are operating independently of this shadow structure?

5. Free trade agreements such as the TPP and TTIP are in the best interests of the people and not corporations?

6. Law equals ethics?

7. Personal freedom is fundamental to our legal systems?

8. Democracy is in a healthy state and therefore there’s no need for electoral and legal reform?

9. Politicians, academics, journalists and scientists are not compartmentalized and therefore can see the big picture of how the system works?

10. The mainstream media provides cutting edge information in an unbiased way that will reflect to you the truth about what’s happening in our world?

11. You’re going to find the absolute, no holds barred truth, via the TV?

12. The system is the way it is because that’s the only way it could work?

13. Pre-existing money is loaned by banks, not freshly created by them out of thin air?

14. We need private banking organizations to make money out of nothing for us and make squillions of dollars for the privilege?

15. A genuine people’s central bank will create hyperinflation and initiate the end of the world?

16. Money will always be necessary and that it is not a tool of enslavement?

17. The widespread suffering across our planet is not the result of the economic system, but the result of natural forces?

18. Adding toxins to our food, water, air and medicine is good for our health?

19. The pharmaceutical-medico complex truly wants to create cures, not customers?

20. They’re not using the same tactics as the tobacco industry once did?

21. They’re trying really hard to find cures for diseases, such as cancer, and that there’s absolutely no way they would suppress any such cures?

22. When near bottomless pits of money is involved in scientific ‘research’, results are not skewed to advantage the corporations funding it?

23 Natural therapies – such as meditation, herbal medicines and basic nutrition – are pseudoscience woo-woo?

24. Reality is only made of ‘matter’, consciousness is its byproduct, and you are not a powerful mind of interconnected consciousness who is comprised of both magic and madness?

25. The war-on-drugs has been intelligent and ethical, as well as successful?

26. This policy has not resulted with massively adverse impacts on society, such as increased addiction, imprisonment and criminal activity, as well as been appropriately respectful towards our natural right to explore our own consciousness?

27. The education system is genuinely designed to create little creatures of self-discovery, health, civil service and personal freedom?

28. The wars in our world have not been purposely orchestrated for more power and money?

29. Your enemy is someone in the 99.9%?

30. Or do you believe that you need to unite with your fellow man, no matter the small or large differences you may have, and work together to undermine the self-serving sickos and the system they’ve purposely designed at our collective expense?

If you answered yes to the last question, you get two thumbs up! If you’re still overwhelmed by answering yes to the previous questions, then you’ve got some study to do. If so, you know that ‘crazy’ friend that you’ve got on Facebook who keeps sharing stuff that you think is ‘crazy’?

Yeah, you might want to contact them to ask what the fuck is going on.

Much love, Phil.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.

There’s so many lies, false flags, psy-ops, divide & conquer strategies, problem-reaction-solutions and an array of other deceptive tactics designed to keep us in a state of fear, focused on separate issues and fighting each other. Therefore, it’s simply sense to keep an open mind, not blindly believe what we’ve heard and remember one of our primary goals is to build the ultimate team, which is the unification of the people.

To do so, it’s important we remain vigilantly open to the truth, and each other. With so much racist rhetoric amplifying from the Dallas shootings, as well as hatred towards the Police in general, most people have been suckered into the mind-control game and are therefore focusing on the wrong target.

There are obviously rotten police officers who are on a power trip and act disgracefully towards the public. This must be exposed. There are also racist whites, blacks, browns, pinks, purples and every other color you could name, in which their behaviors should be condemned.

The various ideologies too have extremists and fundamentalists who have hatred in their hearts towards various perceived opposites. Ironically, these differences in belief are mostly superficial, because we have more primary reasons to stand together.

The Basis for Uniting

Of course we don’t need to think the same, feel the same and believe the same; the plethora of cultural and individual uniqueness offers a rich tapestry of creativity and passion to our world. Yet, we should always remember that beyond all that noise, we are all interconnected and interdependent on our Mother Earth, and in the universe.

We can view our intimate connection with each through various prisms, such as ecologically, quantum physically or even spiritually. In this light, anyone who truly believes that only one religion is the right religion must believe in a fallible god, because why would he/she/it only make the teachings accessible to a select few over the long course of humanity’s history?

That is obviously a ludicrous notion and goes completely against the spirit of all religious and spiritual teachings. The reality is there are many ways to climb the mountain; we might be taking different paths, but we’re all striding towards the same peak.

The other way we can recognize our connection with each other is that all this mess – all the socioeconomic issues, all the disintegration of community spirit, all the ignorance, all the inequality, all the suffering – it all traces back to the global banking cartel and their multinational minions. Of course the political spectrum has also been infiltrated by the oligarchical order too, so it is this trinity of tyranny that we must direct our primary and undivided attention to.

Redirecting Our Focus

This toxic system, the one where our money supply and mainstream media have been stolen to act as the primary mechanisms to hijack of the minds and behaviors of the masses, is where we need to be as one united force, together, directing our energy. To be successful in taking back the control of these public utilities, we need to continue helping those around us to understand our true agenda.

The people are simply not organised enough yet for any widespread systemic response; they’re just too ignorant of what’s going on so unfortunately they will just happily accept authoritarianism in an overt form if it ever came down to it. Moreover, most of us are just too sedated by the propaganda and mind-control tactics to have any idea what’s happening behind the scenes, including celebrities and many so-called experts such politicians, journalists and academics.

But many are waking up to the theft of our system too. For example, there are high numbers of police, military personnel, politicians and bureaucrats who are well aware of the truth regarding the pyramid of power and its associated loss of sovereignty for the people, but they’re organizing behind the scenes and biding their time until they’re needed to rebuild the system.

Simply, there are many people within the control-matrix who know that choosing the side of the people, and not the oligarchy, is the only ethical choice. The truth has hit home to so many people who don’t speak out about it, simply because of their position.

The reality is we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fight for freedom, so we can’t be too gung-ho. It’s important that we maintain a rational and peaceful response, and then do what’s needed, when needed.

In addition, look at whats happening in France right now with the widespread protests against the establishment. We can only hope that more Americans take note. We need a US led uprising in as peaceful way as possible, otherwise the oligarchs are prepped for a forceful response.

They might do this militarily, or even economically. The private central banking scam and it’s creation of massive bubbles in debt, bonds, housing and stocks, as well as a global money bubble in general, is slowly unwinding, which they will undoubtedly use to their advantage.

World Currency

The cover of the Economist Magazine on January 1988 indicates a world currency in 2018

We know that’s their plan anyway. The hope is that they need to incrementally destroy the economy to slowly implement their new world order, because they realize a swift transition via a complete collapse isn’t possible with the global infrastructure they’ve got in place. If so, that means we have the opportunity to create more awareness, more mobilization, and more resistance to their totalitarian goals.

And we’ll need to capitalize on it.

Ultimately though, they will fail, even if they have small successes and we have darker days that await us. That’s because the paradigm shift we are experiencing is fundamentally an energetic transformation, albeit a long one.

Engaging Locally

As we watch this giant monetary ponzy scheme continue to die, it’s always a good reminder to mention the importance of getting to know our local community, as well as involving ourselves in it. We’ve been doing it for eons. The current social irony of living on top of each other in urban legolands, whilst being so disconnected from each other, really is unprecedented in humanity’s civilized history.

We have always had community. We have always had tribe.

The original peoples of Australia, for example, which are the oldest known living culture on earth, were not only a series of civilized societies with agricultural and technological capacity (contrary to mainstream belief), they also survived for tens of thousands of years through all sorts of natural and artificial challenges. This was simply because they worked together as a team.

In this modern moment, when we are so hopelessly dependent on the system, this is no doubt a practical lesson we should be taking serious heed of. For sound measure, we should also be deeply learning from their philosophical sophistication too.

Therefore, regardless of what happens with our rotting monetary and banking system – which has been the direct and indirect cause of so much suffering all over our planet – connecting with each other to re-localize our lives, including how we access our food and other basic necessities, is always going to be a wise move in this toxin-rich era we co-created ourselves in.

Plus, we get to interact with so many great people too.

Final Thoughts

We all need to take a serious chill pill. We need to be intelligent and wise in our response. We also need to continue building on our solutions. After all, the people’s union is still in formation and therefore has much more growth to come.

Furthermore, there is simply no justification for any random violence, especially the actions of those snipers, regardless if they were false flag agents or real protesters. All the people who assist the perpetuation of the toxicity and delusion – including journalists, police, politicians and academics – are just people. There is no doubt that if they truly understood what they were actually standing for, the strong majority of them would change sides in an instant.

We already have so much division throughout our world, so this is the chief challenge we must reverse. That includes not just helping those who subscribe to the mainstream mentality to realize the truth, but also those who have unknowingly sold their souls.

The reality is the battle for freedom is an ancient one, so while we might be getting frustrated with the blatant takeover of our global community by the psychopathic shadow order, we must continue to educate, expose and unite. When all the stars align, the right movements will occur naturally, just like the Occupy Movement. And when the time comes – when Occupy 2.0 is ready to roll – we’ll know what to do.

Much love to all the victims of the senseless and unnecessary tragedies occurring right now across our world.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the East Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.

Regardless of what the media and elite tell you, Brexit was a win for people power. Yet there’s so many ways that the dying order manipulates the masses with fear to achieve their agenda, and the success of Brexit will no doubt be one of them.

Their controlled mouthpieces in the form of the matrix-media say that financial instability will ensue. They say it will end in more terrorism in the UK. They say that serious chaos awaits the British people.

Well, they’re probably right.

The recent decision made by the Brits to leave an anti-democratic and corporate bureaucracy was most likely a genuine result, as paper ballots are very difficult to rig. But does that mean that the occult order which runs our world didn’t foresee it, and are therefore going to capitalize on it?

You can bet your ass they will.

The way the global economy has been going, they need a scapegoat for the upcoming implosion anyway. If you’ve been watching carefully, you’d know that there are already many countries in recession or outright depression, the middle class has been rapidly dying, true unemployment (such as those of a working age who have given up on participating in the workforce) is at highs not seen in several decades, and the general fundamentals of the ‘main street’ economy have been eroding whilst the ‘wall street’ economy has seen asset bubbles of epic proportion.

This would have already unraveled if it wasn’t for the monetary intervention they’ve had in the markets since particularly mid last year, but well beyond. This could simply be the case because they haven’t yet been ready to usher in their next phase of global governance. But are they now reaching a point where they’re ready for pandemonium, so they can offer their ‘solution’?

If markets continue to meltdown, if European banking institutions continue their collapse, if global economic stability continues to crash, then they have a perfect opportunity to blame something else i.e. Brexit, and issue the next phase of their globalist plans (probably a cashless global currency, or something to that effect).

In any case, we should still view Brexit as a win for people power. Yet, it’s far from over. As the rest of 2016 unfolds, we must continue to unite. We must remain vigilant. We must maintain our march towards freedom. We must carry on helping our fellow 99.9% to be properly informed and properly prepared, because the war IN terror will continue to escalate.

There’ll be more Orlando shootings and more alleged terrorist killing sprees, which may or may not be false flag events.

There’ll be more divide and conquer strategies employed to further pit the 99.9% ideologically, emotionally and physically against each other.

There’ll be more cultural cleansing through ramping up the orchestrated waves of refugees.

There’ll be more matrix-media campaigns designed to make us feel scared and therefore vulnerable without our so-called leaders.

And there’ll be more reasons for taking away our natural rights, more justifications for a greater centralization of power and more excuses for going to war with our fellow man.

So get used to it; this is the world we live in until together we stand up and call out this criminal cabal for what it is. There is just so much more work that we need to do to end the reign of the corporatocracy. Of course it would be fantastic if the Brexit and Bremain supporters, the Trump and Sanders supporters, the left and right supporters, the mind and matter supporters etc etc etc would put aside their differences and join the same team, but we’re not there yet.

Brexit is a step towards that though, regardless of the division that exists. Once the people understand their choice is between freedom and tyranny, they’ll also understand it’s a no brainer. How long it takes to truly unite the world’s peoples (including those who are employed by the elite’s puppet institutions), so that we implement the new paradigm of self-determining individuals and self-determining communities is anyone’s guess, but there’s no doubt we’re well on our way.

For further information on how terror has been created, amplified and utilized by the powers-that-will-no-longer-be, watch this insightful interview with a courageous Australian academic who has stood up for the truth, even in the face of a powerful status quo.

About the author:

Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. You can visit pushingthetippingpoint for more, follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel, or visit his website.

19 668

The left/right paradigm is an illusion of choice because both parties work for the same employers. No, it’s not the people either, like it should be. It has now been well exposed that regardless of who we vote for, the governments of the western world still follow orders from their corporate and elite masters. Therefore, an ex CIA officer says that for Trump to be considered the real deal he needs to remove money from the political spectrum and re-balance the power back to the people, where it belongs.

The only way to do this is by instituting a series of radical policy transformations – such as to the monetary, banking, education, tax, media and legal systems, but most importantly implement electoral reform. What this means is dissolving the political duopoly through disassembling the party system, enacting profound changes to the way elections are held, removing private funding from candidate campaigns and ensuring candidates represent their community needs and wishes instead of corporate and other interests.

So with this is mind, it really doesn’t matter who is elected as the next President in the US (or Prime Minister in Australia) unless they’re prepared to undertake the changes which guarantee that the true needs of the people and the environment are represented.

This short documentary discusses how Australia in particular (and the world in general) has been hijacked by big money, as well as three simple steps to restore the power back to the people and implement the above reforms.

The US Presidential Race

So what is the likelihood of these reforms happening in America? Well let’s take a look at Sanders and what he stands for. He certainly has called out some of the seriously toxic issues with Wall Street and the banking system, but he has also been given the opportunity 8 times to put forward an Electoral Reform Act.

Did he accept? No.

He has also neglected to call out Clinton as a warmonger and consistent committer of crime and treason, and even vowed to work with her (if he fails at obtaining the democratic nomination) to beat the Republican nominee Donald Trump. All this convincingly points to the allegation that he is either controlled opposition, or just ignorant of what the American system truly needs and the death and destruction that the establishment puppet Clinton would actually do to the US, and the rest of the world.

This is such a critical time in humanity’s history, so Sanders should be standing up for the truth at all costs.

Then there’s Trump. If he’s serious about making America great again, then surely he must understand that the sell out of politics is one of the biggest causes of the cancer in the system. Therefore, will he take electoral and other reforms seriously and do what’s right for the American people if he secures the Presidency?

We’re about to find out. A former CIA officer, writer, political analyst and activist, Mr. Robert David Steele, has written an open letter to Trump in Counterpunch outlining seven basic steps he needs to take to do right by his campaign and the American people. Without more or less taking these exact steps, Trump will clearly illustrate that he is not out for the people of America, but for himself and the corporate elite.

A few of the steps are a Virtual Constitutional Convention (participatory and televised constitutional debate), an Unemployment Workshop (shaming banks and corporations and exposing real unemployment figures), ending all income taxes, and an Electoral Reform Summit (12 steps to reinstalling real democracy in America).

An Electoral Reform, believes Steele, is an absolute necessity for revitalizing a true democratic process in America and therefore transferring the power back to the people. Being one of the leaders in electoral reform research and design, he states that the following 12 layers are as equally important when enacting such legislation:


Final Thoughts

Sanders had his opportunity, eight times, to enact electoral reform, so we know he’s not the man who would enact the real change that America needs. But in consideration of Trump, it’s not as clear cut.

There are a lot of Trump fans – even in the truth and freedom movements – particularly because of his politically incorrect approach and his exposure of some of the truths about the world, including the true legacy of Hillary. It is no secret that he has many views and traits which are highly concerning, however, many believe that he is the real deal and will actually be a good thing for the American economy and America as a whole.

But is this actually true? Of course both Trump and Sanders are much better options than Clinton – as sad as that might be – as she is the clear choice of the shadow order. Yet, many people also allege that Trump is just another power hungry narcissist, or even worse, controlled opposition too.

Alternatively, is Trump actually a wild card with a wild mouth designed to tap into the dissent of the American people? Could all of the ‘Trump Show’ be an orchestrated approach to gather as much support as possible to really take on the elite power structure after he gets into power?

The only way we’ll really know is if he chooses to undertake the electoral reform that America, and basically the rest of the world, desperately needs. He has been called out, so the ball is in his court.

And one more thing: we should always remember that if the millions of Sanders and Trump supporters would stop fighting and peacefully unite, America would be taken back into the hands of the people near overnight.

The following video is the latest interview with Robert David Steele. Enjoy and share.

About the author:

Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. You can visit pushingthetippingpoint for more, follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel, or visit his website.

Humanity has come to significant point in its history. We are on the precipice of a serious economic disaster, a system-blowing transformation, or both. Even if a fiat-debt implosion occurred of an unprecedented magnitude, we do have the solutions and capacity to respond in a way that will minimize the impacts and transform our reality into something better. It will take some serious people power though, so, will we choose to act before this happens, or will we wait until the masses are subject to further suffering?

Not that this isn’t happening already. The middle class is eroding, millions can’t afford to feed themselves, many people are underemployed or working multiple part-time jobs and barely scraping through, and those subject to poverty, homelessness and other disadvantage is increasing.

Social unrest is manifesting as a result. More and more people are being inflicted with this pain which has propelled the wave of support for the far left US representative, Sanders, and the far right representative, Trump. On the other hand, Clinton is obviously a face of the status quo and that is clear as day for anyone who has any idea about how the corporate oligarchy works.

Yet the divide between the supporters of Trump and Sanders is frighteningly counter-productive; if they actually united and together stood against the crony capitalists, socialism for the rich policies, banksterism, the corporatocracy and a corrupted money supply, then instead of fruitlessly and senselessly fighting each other, the US and the world over would actually have a chance of transforming the system into one which has dealt with the core problems and is designed to meet the needs of our human family and our natural systems.

As a united force, the people should have sorted out these blatant issues a long time ago. Because we are free to explore and play like never before, the masses have unfortunately become selfish, ignorant, inactive and downright lazy. This freedom is somewhat illusory though because it is within the context of ideological warfare, a corrupted money supply and increasingly overreaching government policy. In any case, when we compare our quality of life and opportunities in general to the history of what we call civilized society, we have it pretty good.

That doesn’t mean it’s true freedom, though. That doesn’t mean we can’t do better too.

Some people like to call our current state of human affairs, ‘free-range fascism.’ Given our enslavement to debt and the encroaching and unethical erosion of our natural sovereign rights, this is no doubt true.

The collective mindscape of humanity has also been shaped and deceived by many forces, such as the propaganda matrix-media, informational warfare, a divide and conquer strategy, materialistic ideology, consumerist distractions, feigned scarcity, political sell-outs, a ruling corporatocracy, a disconnection from nature, fear used as a weapon, worries of not fitting in and societal programming in general.

The list goes on.

Yet, we must once again acknowledge it is in the context of one of the greatest periods of freedom the people have ever experienced. That’s a good thing. But we also need to understand that we are subjects of a system that is specifically designed to be beneficial for the money makers, the oligarchs, the corporatocracy, and the political elite, whilst the rest of us are left in a constant battle with each other just to survive.

It simply doesn’t need to be this way.

Sure, we have come a long way and have made some amazing progress, however, if we so choose we could eliminate structural violence – such as poverty, homelessness and other socio-economic disadvantages – nearly overnight. That’s because they are direct products of a system that could be designed in more intelligent and ethical ways.

Simply put, this current model, if not the sole cause, is at the least the primary amplifier of all this dysfunction, so if we change it so that governments (i.e. the people) are no longer enslaved to debt, then an honest money supply and debt-free money creation could actually be used to resolve the plethora of socioeconomic and environmental issues that we face today.

In addition, all those insane profits generated from the banking and finance industry could be ethically invested in the right way.

Yet we’re led to believe that this is the way that things have to be; we’ve been conditioned to accept that the way our economic structure is designed is out of necessity. But this simply isn’t true.

Most people including politicians, bureaucrats, social commentators, journalists, spiritual leaders, celebrities, other famous personalities and laymen alike, don’t even know how the money supply works. For example, did you know that money is created out of nothing?

That’s right, if you go to a bank, they just create it and then deposit it in your account. They don’t get it from their vault, they don’t borrow it from anywhere else, they just simply manifest it by entering it into their accounting sheets. Then as you pay it back with interest, they destroy the money they created but keep the interest for themselves.

If this sounds insane, you’re right.

We should be asking as a people: with all the ridiculous profits that are generated from the banking sector, why isn’t this mechanism publicly owned so that all that money can be invested into social programs, infrastructure, environmental protection, energy alternatives and other necessary social services? Why aren’t the governments of the world (i.e. the employees of the people) creating this money, instead of allowing private families and institutions to create it and then make a profit?

Why aren’t we seriously, as a collective, taking responsibility for this role? Shouldn’t ‘money creation’ be used for the benefit of all of us and the environment, not just a small few?

Did you know it didn’t used to be like this? Did you know the banking dynasty have long attempted to control the creation of money and were ultimately successful when the ‘private’ Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913? Did you know that JFK reversed this so the government could manage the creation of money, but when he was assassinated six months later the new President signed it back into law?

Did you know that the Australian Commonwealth Bank used to be a publicly owned central bank which was the exact model that could pay off national debt, spur economic growth, fund huge infrastructure projects, finance ethical energy industry, resolve entrenched poverty and transition the economy into one of debt-free prosperity?

This bank was managed by Denison Miller, who after a decade or so of creating money out of nothing for the benefit of the Australian people, including funding WWI requirements, allegedly died unexpectedly of ‘heart disease’ in 1923. Suspiciously, this bank was then assigned as an arm of the Bank of England (which was a privately owned and controlled central bank) with a ‘new’ committee selected to run the bank’s operations.

The same pattern of the death of people who support a debt-free money supply, as well as the systemic destruction of publicly owned money creation, has appeared all over the world.

Coincidence? You decide. What’s really important though is that we all understand how money is created, who truly benefits, why we have the system we have today and what alternatives there are.

Can you now imagine a reality where central banking is owned and controlled for public benefit?

Did you know there has been one running in North Dakota since 1919, which has proven conclusively to be more profitable and advantageous for its local economy than a privately owned system? Did you know that a public central bank could pay off the unbelievable mountains of government debt and take back the control the money supply by simply retiring the banking families and institutions who currently benefit from it?

Did you know the impending global financial crisis of 2016-2017 can be avoided by the government issuing debt-free money to lower the private debt issue? This would be called a modern-debt jubilee, also known as quantitative easing (QE) for the people (instead of QE for a corrupt and destructive banking and finance sector). It could literally transition the world into an intelligent way to manage our monetary system.

Furthermore, any insolvent institutions (because of their participation in an unethical and unchecked speculative casino), such as private banks and otherwise, could either be allowed to fail or even potentially nationalized, like has been done many times in the past. We have to remember, most of the world’s so-called money is just numbers on a screen; we can organize it however we like to rectify the imbalances and evolve the fiat system into one that actually works.

For those who believe this approach is socialism, you’re wrong. It’s called intelligence.

For those who believe it would cause hyperinflation, you’re wrong too. The ebb and flow of money en masse could be mathematically balanced.

For those who believe that the only way to move forward is by replacing fiat money with a gold or precious metal standard, you’re also wrong. I do sympathize with you, however this new system is logically, mathematically and ethically justifiable, so I hope you can see that humanity’s future is more important than your personal investments in this market.

For those who don’t trust governments to manage a nation’s money supply; well, that’s fair enough. The governments of the world have proven convincingly that they are incapable of being effective employees of the people, but it doesn’t need to continue this way.

Instead, we need transparency and accountability of our governments like never before. The beautiful aspect of this approach though is that it has the potential to be managed independently of politics through a bitcoin like algorithm.

In any case, this is the single most important area that we should all be focusing on, including the plethora of so-called charities, to rectify the injustices of our world. If we did, society would dramatically change the better in record time. It’s just so sad that we have been conditioned to think that the system has to be the way it is, because this is utterly and harmfully false.

Moreover, the following interview with Ellen Brown, author of The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity, is a great place to learn more about the public banking solution. It could be applied not just to central banks, but the entire banking sector, too. Given their proven fraudulent, unethical and greedy nature, I don’t think we’d find too many opposed to this approach. For more information, please watch it, as well as share it; being educated about this is the first step of many to resolve so many of the unjust problems we are faced with.

About the author:

Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Visit his website pushingthetippingpoint for more. You can also follow Phillip on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel, or visit his personal development website vitalityguidance.


The ignorant vilification and unethical suppression of natural, plant-based approaches to medical issues of both a mental and physical nature has long been exposed for the world to see.

​However, usually the proponents of pharmaceutically-derived mechanistic medicine point to the high success of the industry, but considering that in the US alone around 290 people die from prescription drugs each day and over 250 thousand people are dying from medical errors each year, this is simply not true.

Discovery article makes it clear why medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States of America:

People don’t just die from bacteria and heart plaque, they die from communication breakdowns, fragmented healthcare, diagnostic mistakes, and over-dosing,” said Martin Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and lead author of the study.

They also refer to the suspicious lack of reporting of medical errors that the US and other governments of the world fail to publicise:

Along with more than 100 other nations, the United States uses a system for collecting national health statistics — recommended by the World Health Organization — that does not keep track of medical errors.

This obviously brings the entire medical paradigm into question. Of course there have been many amazing successes from the modern approach to medical care, such as surgery and some pharmaceuticals. These tools have been an invaluable addition to humanity, yet how do we know which so-called modern medicines are actually worthy to disperse at large and which are not?

How do we know when a really important medicine has been developed in comparison to a pill that is primarily for profit?

How do we know when a pharma drug is unncessary because there are more natural and effective remedies available?

When we consider the corruption and collusion that exists within an industry that has been monopolised as part of the corporatocracy, it really is difficult to know. As I spelled out in a previous article:

Anybody with any knowledge on the medical industry will know that it has long been corrupted by big money and big pharma. It is important that we start off with this established truth, because we have to understand that the pharmaceutical-industrial complex will one day be looked at by the mainstream mentality as we now look at the tobacco industry: deceptive, fraudulent, criminal and unethical.

To crystallize this point, in the same article I refer to the great journalism provided in a Collective Evolution article:

In the past few years more professionals have come forward to share a truth that, for many people, proves difficult to swallow. One such authority is Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet – considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world.

Dr. Horton recently published a statement declaring that a lot of published research is in fact unreliable at best, if not completely false.

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

In the same article, another confronting truth is quoted by Dr. Marcia Angell, a longtime medical journal editor:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.”

Keeping this in mind, when we combine it with the serious concerns that many truth-seekers have regarding the profit-before-morality model that has slithered its way into the various control-systems which influence every aspect of our lives, it becomes clear that the medical-industrial complex and our pursuit for effective health-care needs to be immediately tabled for an open, transparent and unbiased investigation to occur.

Seriously, how long can we as a society allow this dysfunction to harm not just ourselves, but our kids too?

How long will the masses just pretend that tribal cultures didn’t have access to a plethora of plant medicines which heal and develop the mind, body and soul?

How long will governments practically ignore the abundant clinical proof that meditation is both a preventative and prescriptive tool for ill-health?

Simply, there are many natural, plant-based medicines that have been clinically proven to be a highly effective tool for healing the body and growing the mind. Many of these substances are illegal, however, which is just another reason why the war-on-drugs has been an epic failure.

As I explained at length in an earlier article titled “The Problem is Drug Law, Not Drugs”:

It is clear that many governments of the world have failed to truly accept some extremely important facts around dealing with the substances that make their way through our communities. Examples include:

  • When people are told not to do something, some of them are going to do it anyway, regardless of the risks to their health;
  • There are substances which have been made illegal that have been clinically proven to provide strong provide strong therapeutic and developmental effects;
  • Many people are using drugs as escapism from a cultural existential crisis which is amplified by the soul-numbing materialistic and consumerist ideologies;
  • Humans will never be stopped from exploring their consciousness and therefore appropriate regulation and education policies need to be put in place to properly care for the people that politicians were elected to protect; and

It’s not just so-called illegal substances that are high in therapeutic and developmental potential, other basic ingredients such as bicarbonate soda have been shown to help the body to heal itself, even of cancerous tumours. Various herbs are also on the list of helpful ingredients that combat illness.

In any case, regardless of the many negative impacts that the war-on-drugs has subjected to our individual and collective health, the longer we allow the governments of the world to continue to spread ignorance and fear towards what really are ancient, well-established and clinically-proven approaches to caring for ourselves, the longer we allow the corporatisation of our system to run rampant and the longer the potential benefits to our society are missed opportunities.

In addition, the best approach to health is preventative care. That means along with tools such as meditation, eating nutritious and natural foods will always help to maintain the balance of the mind and body.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that the corrupted pharmaceutical-industrial complex and their increasingly toxic medicines, as well as a prescriptive instead of a preventative medical model, has hijacked our approach to health-care and treatment. This is a world that we have consented to; the sooner we stand up as a people and demand that it change, the sooner we will reconnect with the natural therapies and re-nourish our collective spirit.

Richard Dawkins, who hilariously refuses to expand his consciousness beyond the child’s play of the classical world, said: “There is no alternative medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t work”. This is something that we can no doubt agree with, so let’s hope that as a species we can finally show some intelligence and morality by calling out this toxic approach to health and vitality and open up the global gates to a valid investigation into the benefits of all substances, both natural and designed.

Furthermore, the following short video discusses some simple techniques for meditation. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, sad or angry in general, or if you’ve got a persistent physical health issue that just won’t go away, meditation has the potential to effectively and efficiently mitigate dysfunctional mental states and poor health in general. Enjoy and please share.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his personal development website.

mind affects your body

Emotions are a rich aspect of being human. We should honor our unique capacity to experience the complexity of humanity’s emotional spectrum, instead of bashing those which we sometimes might consider ‘bad’.

There are no strictly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions. Fear for example, is a necessity for survival. Anger is necessary for engaging the pursuit of justice. Sadness helps us to understand the various loves and ideals we have in life.

Yet we do live in a duality of positive and negative spin. Both parts make a whole. So there are emotions that we process as more positive, like ‘happiness’, or more negative, like ‘grief’, yet both play a necessary role in helping us to learn and grow within the earthly context we find ourselves.

The Difference between Emotions and Feelings

There are many academic and anecdotal variations for what are considered primary and secondary emotions, which can be further explored in this article. Personally I like to look at it simply within the context of duality, meaning the two primary emotions are Joy and Fear, or Love and Hate.

Every other emotion would then be a complex mixture of these two.

Yet regardless of what we prefer to label as primary emotions, there appears to be a lot of confusion over the difference between emotions and feelings. As I described in a previous article:

“Everybody has the same emotions, yet we all have different feelings. These two human states are distinct not only because they are processed in different areas of the brain, but because emotions are primarily physical, whilst feelings are mostly mental constructs.

Our feelings are a mixture of our emotions, beliefs, philosophies, thoughts and memories. All these aspects come together to not just influence the emotions that we have, but also determine how we ‘feel’ about what is going on in our world. Therefore, understanding the difference between our emotions and feelings is critical to contextualising our emotions into the bigger pictures of our lives.”

A fantastic analysis of this difference is provided in this article. Here is an excerpt:

“Emotions originate in the subcortical regions of the brain, the amygdala and the ventromedial prefrontal cortices, and create biochemical reactions in the body altering your physical state which originally helped our species survive by producing quick reactions to threats and rewards. Emotional reactions are coded in our genes and are universally similar across all humans and even other species…

Feelings originate in the neocortical regions of the brain, are mental associations and reactions to emotions, and are subjectively influenced by personal experience, beliefs, and memories. A feeling is the mental portrayal of what’s going on in your body when you have an emotion, and is the byproduct of your brain perceiving and assigning meaning to the emotion. Feelings follow emotion, involve cognitive input, are usually below conscious awareness, and cannot be measured scientifically.”

Therefore, what we would usually consider as an emotion is most likely a mixture of energy that results in a ‘feeling’. This is because our general experience is not just an emotional reaction, but also an experience involving a complex arrangement of the various layers of our mind and body.

In addition, when we refer to someone as emotionally mature, what we’re really referring to is their greater mastery of their response to their emotions, or their ‘feelings’. In this sense, the higher the awareness we have of the energy that we process within us, the higher our power to heal and grow ourselves.

Healing and Growth

When someone says they’re feeling bad, that means their overall response or reaction to their emotions makes them feel negative. The opposite is also true; when we say we feel good, it means that the emotions we’re experiencing are being processed in accordance with certain beliefs, memories and other energy into a positive psychological experience.

Of course if we’re grieving heavily or in a desperate state of fear, it will be unlikely that we’ll be feeling ‘good’, but we can still feel content with the right type of philosophy. In any case, those experiences are the rarity, not the norm. Our standard state of mind and heart is simply one in which we choose how to respond to the world.

We have the power, which is why we should design empowered and enlightened philosophies on life. If we’re successful, they will productively guide our engagement with both the challenges and ecstasies that we’re gifted each day.

That’s not to take anything away, however, from the significant influence our past can sometimes have on our present. We all know that trauma, for example, has a substantial impact on both our physical hardware and mental software. If this trauma occurs in the early stages of brain development, then the neurology is fundamentally wired in that way.

This can be very difficult to heal because it takes many years to permanently rewire the neural pathways of the body-brain (meaning the neural connections that exist throughout our cerebral, digestive and heart circuits), as well as redesign the mental constructs of the psychological mind.

But it’s not impossible. Ongoing meditation is a really effective way to become conscious of the subconscious dysfunction that exists within all of us. Through becoming aware of our unhealthy architecture, over time we can literally change the physicality of our wiring in a process called neuroplasticity. The psychological word for this is psychotherapy, meaning we change our conceptual design for the purpose of healing and growing ourselves.

So regardless of the source, if we’re in a constant state of depression or anxiety it is our responsibility to emancipate ourselves from it. It’s a hard pill to swallow for many because they look to someone or something to blame, but this approach is always fruitless and disempowering. Simply, unless we take ownership of our healing and growth, then nothing will change.

Of course that doesn’t mean we should take responsibility for an event or person who inflicted suffering upon us, but our response to it is where we must take control. If we’ve perpetuated this suffering in a self-harming fashion over a long period of time, then that is a reality that we need to own.

For those who want to improve their psychological state, I really recommend you read ‘How to Get Out of the Rut of Self-Harming Thoughts and Feelings’. As I explained in that article:

“When our self-harm becomes a serious health issue, sometimes we are diagnosed with a disorder and prescribed medication. However, drugs aren’t the cure to these dysfunctional psychological states, they are simply a tool that assists a productive chemical balance so that the issue is easier to live with whilst we look for and undertake ways to resolve it.

What actually cures most, but not all, dysfunctional mental states is effective psychotherapy. Usually it is reserved for a professional to guide, however that is for severe cases or when a person can actually access them.

The truth is we can undertake psychotherapy on ourselves. We in fact already do it. Every time we have had insight into a problematic state of mind and undertook changes to remove or alter it, it was literally psychotherapy in action.”

When we experience disorders such as these they are both mental and physical. At all times there is a bottom-up and top-down influence, meaning that emotions or chemical cocktails influence our psychology, and mental states influence our physicality.

If serious harm is inflicted and reinforced over many years, it can have a significant impact on both our physical machinery and our psychological architecture. That’s why the longer it goes on, the longer it takes to rebalance it into a naturally healthy state.

This is exactly why self-administered psychotherapy is an area that needs to be taught in our schools. As an individual, we should be constantly reflecting on the innate power we have to heal and grow ourselves. This training should start from an early age, right through to the final stages of our third dimensional existence, so society in general is equipped with knowledge and skills of a therapeutic and developmental nature.

Final Thoughts

Life is an emotional roller-coaster ride, there’s no doubt about that. If we have a negative emotional reaction to our experience, there’s no need to suppress it; we should respond to it in the most functional and healthy way that we can.

After all, the goal should be at peace with life, not just be ‘happy’.

The belief that certain emotions are a problem is inaccurate because they are simply a natural aspect to being human. What we should refocus on however is the abuse of certain emotions, such as excessively feeding our sadness or anger, as well as the constant self-harm that many of us inflict on ourselves after we’ve experienced something that we have deemed ‘undesirable’.

With the right type of philosophical attitude we can learn from all of our experiences anyway, regardless if there is ‘justice’ to be had or not.

There is also a serious lack of empathy towards people who are suffering in a state of despair or confusion. For example, most people who are excessively controlling are being so because they are lost in some sort of trauma or fear.

It’s ‘pain-based’ behavior, not ‘conscious’ behavior.

Over the internet or face-to-face, we need to be more humane to those who are ignorant, abusive, arrogant or selfish. If we respond in an equally unsophisticated way – such as abuse an abuser or condemn a condemner – then all we do is reinforce their pain and little healing or growth is likely to occur.

It’s important for us to all take a serious chill-pill in this dark-age of despair, delusion, division and disharmony. The harsh reality is that most people really are unconscious soldiers of a socially-engineered agenda to maintain the dying control-matrix. When we have compassion for the way that these people have been designed to unconsciously feel – such as powerless, materially unsatisfied and in an existential state of suffering – then they have a greater chance of emancipating themselves from their pain and beginning a process of healing and growth.

And the more that occurs, the more we can heal and grow our collective consciousness.


Phillip J Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

What a wild ride 2016 continues to be. The good news is that people continue to wake up in droves and it’s causing even the most highly indoctrinated to question the ‘beliefs’ they’ve been ‘designed’ with. Even the official 911 story is finally being questioned by those who never did their proper research, thanks to the recent Saudi Arabia debacle.

On the other hand, the shift is really hitting the fan. Examples include:

  • banks finally admitting serious fraud (such as money laundering and precious metal market fixing);
  • a culminating European refugee and banking crisis;
  • massive Australian and Chinese ‘private-debt’ and ‘housing’ bubbles;
  • increasing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East;
  • amplifying earthquakes and volcanic activity along the ring of fire; and
  • concerns over an escalating WWIII scenario, to cite but a few.

The list goes on and on.

Economic Collapse Vs Stagnation

Over the last several years however the primary concern is in regards to our failing fiat monetary system and the death of the US dollar (and the petrodollar). This really culminated mid last year and has only gotten more serious since, however the stock price manipulators (Plunge Protection Teams, corporations buying their own stocks and Central Bank activity) have been propping up this asset class which has recently given us the appearance that ‘everything is okay’.

If you’ve been watching, you would have noticed the global stocks have been bipolar in their behavior, crashing one month and high on life another. There has been a triple top in the US markets, which has some alternative economists and commentators calling the inevitable failure of the manipulation, because the house of cards is just too unstable.

Simply, the view in the alternative community is by far focused towards the slow death of the current western fiat system and many are stating that major changes will be happening in the very near future.

Considering that the fundamental or ‘main-street’ economy has continued to whither away, the global economic situation is simply nowhere near as great as we’ve been led to believe by the oligarchical-controlled media and the recent rise in stock prices. For example, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Venezuela and other national economies in recession, depression or experiencing hyperinflation are indicative of what could soon be a harsh reality throughout the rest of the world.

It is likely by mid 2016 it will finally be official that the US has been in a technical recession, even with their manipulated GDP and other data. Regardless, the global economy is clearly in a deflationary cycle. If this bottoms out in a global economic depression like that of the early 20th Century, then hyperinflation will likely occur across the world, just like it has in Venezuela.

However, in an interview with the notorious Professor Steve Keen a few weeks ago (embedded at the end of this article), he stated that they could keep this system going at a painfully stagnant rate, just like they have in Japan for so long. Others ferociously disagree with this analysis, particularly because of the massive derivatives bubble and other factors that didn’t relate to Japan’s situation all those years ago.

Steve admits that he isn’t an expert on derivatives; he focuses on private debt levels. So given he is an “anti-economist” in his own words, which means that he debunks the Keynesian approach to economic design, he is in the alternative camp with others who see the failure of our current economic design, which illustrates the internal division on what will happen and how to move forward.

Gold Standard Vs People’s Fiat

Steve also believes that going back to the gold standard is not the answer (where all currency is backed by gold). Given its failure in the roaring 20’s and the depression of the 30’s, his point may very well be justified. This view is also supported by Bill Still, who was recently interviewed at the SGT Report:

Many in the sovereignty movements believe in going back to the gold standard, but have they really considered the other option? The alternative potential is for the government (the people) to capitalize on the power we have to create money out of nothing. First, we must take away the illegitimate power of private banking institutions to do it, including all private central banks, and then legislate it to be done by the government solely for the benefit of the people and the environment.

As one example of a policy package already designed to achieve this, a political party in Australia has proposed two economic policies which ensure that the Government retakes it power to create an honest money supply, as well as guarantees that the multinational corporations pay their fair share in tax.

First is their monetary policy which stops private banks creating money out of nothing and ensures that the government creates the $120 billion needed each year to ensure that the debt which is repaid to the banks, as well as population growth, doesn’t result with deflation. This money will be immediately invested into asset-backed infrastructure, which embarrasses the $1.5 billion averaged each year for the last decade or so. The difference is staggering and would result in huge projects like high speed rail and pipelines built to green parts of the desert.

Second is that all taxes are to be removed (except import and export taxes) and replaced with a 2% debit-transaction tax. Given there are tens of trillions of dollars that move through the Aussie economy annually, all up these two policies would generate more than double the revenue currently received each year, with businesses and individuals only paying 2% tax. This is compared to up to 50% or more that some working class people pay when you include licences, registrations and taxes on land, fuel, alcohol etc etc.

These are truly revolutionary policies which deal with the toxicity and inequality of the system we have today, and coupled with their approaches to education, health, medicine, natural resources, environment, energy, permaculture, pensioners and many others, they should be immediately considered by political and community representatives from all around the world so that a mainstream dialogue can subsequently occur.

Helicopter Money

Further to the idea that the monetary ponzy scheme instituted by the oligarchs will be kept alive for quite a while longer, it’s important to consider that many truth-seeking economists and analysts were saying that the system was going to break before Quantitative Easing (QE) was invented after the great recession of 2008. Then QE came along to save the economy from a deflationary implosion – so the puppeteers could once again do something similar given the current contraction in the global economy.

A quick fix they might utilize to re-stimulate the economy is QE for the people, or helicopter money. What this means is that instead of creating money out of nothing and injecting it into the finance sector (QE), it is injected into main street (or all our personal bank accounts). This would need to be a coordinated strategy done by many governments of the world so that it doesn’t cause hyperinflation, and this money must be created by governments so that there is no debt attached to it.

It also should be used to pay off personal debt, whilst those with no debt can spend it into circulation.

Even if they do use this approach, the fact still remains that we need to do something comprehensive about this complete economic failure because the mainstream economy has been suffering for a decade now, and arguably longer. For example, we should not take the official unemployment rates seriously; the amount of people struggling to survive because they are either underemployed or have given up trying to find work is staggering. Poverty, homelessness, mental health issues and addiction is increasing all over the western world, whilst the middle class is rapidly shrinking.

These issues are a direct result of the unethical power that the shadow order has. Its a hard pill to swallow, but the system is designed to favor the banking and transnational corporations that control both our money supply, and our mainstream media. The disappointing aspect is that most politicians, media personalities and other famous social commentators have no idea of this fact, so its no wonder that they sound convincing when they spray misinformation which does not speak to this fundamental truth.

If they do understand it and choose not to speak up, then they will not be on the right side of history, nor do they have the courage and ethics to truly represent the needs of not just the people, but our natural systems too. We need real leaders who are prepared to make personal sacrifices in the name of truth, honor and sovereignty, not ill-informed or complicit mouthpieces of the social engineering agenda.

What Next?

So what will happen in terms of the global economy? It appears its anyone’s guess. Unless of course it’s a controlled demolition, then there are some who would know. There are a few voices saying the fundamentals are just too weak to keep this ponzy scheme going for too much longer and that the result might be a return to a gold standard just like the Eastern World appears to be preparing for with their gold accumulation and the Chinese creating a mirror to the London gold fix.

There are others however who say that the powers-that-will-no-longer-be will try to manipulate this system to survive until at least after the US election so they can get Hillary into power to maintain their goals of a one world government and a one world currency.

The US Election

The US Presidential Race is an absolute circus, especially because the delegates system is rigged, as is the electronic voting system which will be used as a fail-safe. Trump appears to have little policy substance, as well as a bigoted energy which is creating a lot of division, however he does speak some truth and hints towards taking the power from the Fed to create the US money supply (he says he will pay off the national debt in 8 years which is the only way he could do it).

Bernie is arguably the representative with the most truth, particularly around the unethical and illegal union between Wall Street and the US government, however his policy approach is considered by the free market advocates as one that will destroy the economy and issue in a socialist ideological framework. The latter is quite ironic actually considering we have had socialism for the rich policies for quite some time now.

In any case, as these two candidates appear to be anti-establishment, even with their alleged shortfalls they are clearly the best options.

That’s because on the other hand Clinton is an absolute criminal, a puppet for the establishment and a war-mongering psychopath. It’s unbelievable that she’s even allowed to run for President, so if she gets in (which is clearly the plan) then I hope that the American people will finally stand up and take back their power like they should have done a long time ago.

Don’t believe my word though; watch Abby Martin’s expert breakdown to understand who the real Hillary is:

Final Thoughts

Whilst the world wakes up, the world falls apart, and that’s a good thing. With more personal reasons for people to search out alternative information, this amplifies the crash of the matrix of control. Ultimately, we really have an unprecedented potential to emancipate ourselves from the economic and ideological enslavement that has characterized the hierarchical system since the conception of civilization.

Unfortunately however there is disunity within those who have woken up to the shadow power structure and the control system that has been established to maintain it. The truth we should all remember though is that we can disagree all we want about how to move forward into the short and long term future, but as long as we recognize the two primary mechanisms for control – namely the money supply and corporate media – then we have a space for uniting in action.

Then, we should remain open to the fact that we’ve all changed our views over time and that we’ll most likely continue to do so as we personally and collectively evolve.

In addition, the following interview is with Steve Keen. He explores the stagnation of the global economy and the bubbles in the Australian and Chinese debt and housing sectors, as well as the legitimacy of the Australian Sovereignty Party’s policy approach to the dishonest money supply and the tax evasion by big money. Enjoy and please share.


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