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(ANONHQSince the terrorist group, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gained international attention for their brutalities, many Islamic scholars have condemned the actions of the group, stating that the group’s actions do not represent Islam in anyway.

In confirmation of what Islamic scholars have been saying about the terrorist group all this while, over 4,000 employment documents of ISIS, obtained by the Syrian opposition media outlet Zaman al-Wasl,has revealed that a staggering 70% of the group’s fighters recruited between 2013 and 2014 were listed as having just basic knowledge of the Sharia – the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.

The legal framework is taken from the Quran and the Hadith. The Hadith is the sayings and actions of the founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, a Muslim with limited knowledge of the Quran and the Hadith cannot interpret the laws of the religion to others. However, these ISIS fighters described as having just basic knowledge of the religion are part of the top hierarchy of the group claiming to be administering Islamic laws in areas they control.

When Zaman al-Wasl obtained the documents, the outlet shared it with The Associated Press news agency. Further analysis of the documents revealed around 24% of fighters were categorized as having an intermediate knowledge in Islam. Just 5% were said in the documents to have advanced knowledge about Islam. It is said only these 5% have memorized the Quran, indicating that they are advanced in the religion.

From the documents, it was discovered that the duty of the 5% is to brainwash those with limited knowledge, especially on jihad. The Associated Press and Zaman al-Wasl investigative reporters who analyzed the documents said those doing the brainwashing were happy with the majority of recruits only holding basic knowledge of the religion.

Among the documents were those of Karim and Foued Mohammad-Aggad, the two French citizens who joined ISIS as foreign fighters. After a brief stay with ISIS, the two returned to France, and Foued eventually participated in the Paris attacks against the Bataclan nightclub in November 2015, leaving 130 people dead. Both Karim anf Foued were listed in the documents as having basic knowledge in Islam.

When Karim was arrested and put before the court, he told the presiding judge: “Islam was used [by the Islamic State] to trap me like a wolf.” When the judge questioned him on his understanding on the Quran and the Sharia, Karim responded: “I don’t have the knowledge to answer the question.” Karim was thereafter sentenced to nine years in prison for joining a terrorist group.

The document revelations and the confessions made by Karim in court have led observers to believe that the majority of fighters who join or vow allegiance to the terrorist group, do so for misguided religious reasons.


A former CIA case officer, Patrick Skinner, who specialized in extremist organizations in the Middle East, said most people who join extremist groups are “reaching for a sense of belonging, a sense of notoriety, a sense of excitement,”adding that religion for such people is an afterthought.

Recently, the ring leaders of ISIS openly criticized the Islamic University in Egypt, Al-Azhar for what they described as an approach adopted by the university to subdue Muslims through appeasement with the West. This ISIS criticism came after the university openly condemned the group for not representing Islam.

A scholar of the university, Mohammed Abdelfadel said ISIS propaganda videos heralding fighters’ supposed martyrdom, directly contradicts Islamic laws that forbid terrorism, the murder of non-combatants in war, the imposition of Islam on non-Muslims and other criminal activity.


ISIS is an offshoot of al Qaeda. The group wants to establish a so-called Islamic Caliphate in Syria, Iraq and other places around the world. The CIA estimates that the group has about 18,000 to 22,000 active fighters in Syria and Iraq.

The group uses brutal methods to torture and punish those who it considers to be its enemies, including Muslims who do not believe in its version of Islam. Christians and other minorities are also among its main targets.

This article (Leaked Documents Confirm What Many Suspected About ISIS) originally appeared on and is licensed Creative Commons. Image credit: Flickr/Say Donaldson.

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Aurora, Colorado plans to derive a powerful solution from their lack of prohibition — it will donate millions from legal cannabis sales to area nonprofits whose programs help the homeless.

As Mic noted, Colorado tax revenue from cannabis last June, eclipsed that of alcohol sales for the first time — coming in just shy of $70 million. Now, Aurora will be able to allot $1.5 million of that to help solve its homeless issue.

Colfax Community Network will receive $220,000 from the fund to continue its program of education for low-income families who live in motels and “apartments along the Colfax corridor about helpful community services,” and provides them with food, clothing, hygiene products, diapers, and other necessities, the Aurora Sentinel reported.

“The Colfax Community Network is in extremely dire straits in that they do not have funds to continue operating,” explained Nancy Sheffield, director of neighborhood services, to the Sentinel.

Another portion of the cannabis tax revenue will fund vans for members of the Comitis Crisis Center and Aurora Mental Health to provide “homeless outreach.”

To assist those without homes in finding permanent housing, the Aurora Housing Authority also will receive funds to switch their part-time coordinator position into a full-time job. This position is vital to the push for housing previously homeless individuals and families as landlords are often resistant due to the perception of ‘risk’ involved.

Though the city council was unable to finalize an agreement for how to allocate the remaining millions in revenue, one proposal being considered is a day center where the homeless “could wash their clothes, take a shower and receive mental health services.”

Employing cannabis revenue should be a boon compared to red-light cameras many of the nonprofits currently rely on for funding since it’s possible they will be removed in the future. Cannabis, however, is a booming business.

“In 2017, the city estimates nearly $6.4 million in pot revenue. But once all of the allotted recreational marijuana licenses are issued — the number is capped at 24 — revenue from pot is expected to remain flat from 2018-2020,” the Denver Post reported last year.

Though somewhat more controversial, Los Angeles has proposed using a cannabis tax on medical marijuana to help solve its homeless crisis, though many believe taxing medicine to solve homelessness is misguided or worse. Taxing recreational pot, as has been done in Colorado, provides a source of funding through choice, whereas medical cannabis is necessary medicine for thousands of people and should no less bear unnecessary tax than more mainstream medicines.

Aurora’s plans to help the homeless provide plenty of evidence of the numerous benefits cannabis legalization — and, indeed, ending the failed war on drugs — can afford.

Credit: Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project

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For some, taking acid is another way to fuel a night of partying, music and good vibes. For others, it’s a powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness, breaking away from social norms and the finding of oneself. For these two (at least at the moment), it’s being used for one of the most mundane of tasks… Assembling furniture.. and IKEA furniture at that. Oh god.. Understandably it proves to be quite difficult.

Thump: “Here lies the ethos behind a video from YouTube channel, HIKEA Productions. The play on words moniker applies directly to what you’re about to see. In the four-minute clip—part-one in what appears to be a series of episodes—two young people, Giancarlo and Nicole, drop a couple tabs of LSD before attempting to build a dresser. Watch them test their wit, patience, and strength in the video below, and please have a deep think before you try this at home.”


h/t: Thump

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You’re meant to make lemonade when life gives you lemons, and when life gives you a lot of rain, lemonade comes in the form of a dam. At least it did for one Texan in the face of a whole lot of precipitation.

The Lone Star State has been inundated by rainfall over the course of the last several weeks, so to protect himself and his family, Randy Wagner of Rosharon in Brazoria County decided to buy an AquaDam, branded as the “world’s largest water filled cofferdam.” And while you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, apparently, this was very real marketing. The AquaDam, believe it or not, worked, saving Wagner and his home from flooding.

Speaking with KHOU of Houston, Wagner revealed that acquiring the dam required quite a bit of dedication — he trekked all the way to Louisiana to pick up the contraption, then enlisted the help of two other men to fill up the 400 feet of 30-inch-high plastic and fabric tubes with water. And even as flood waters rose to 27 inches, Wagner’s family stayed (literally) high and dry.

“I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda going by, laughing at me. But today they are really impressed with this AquaDam,” Wagner said.

H/t: Digital Trends

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This is what is really happening on American Indian reservations today.

By: Irwin Ozborne

“The love of possessions is a disease with them [Americans]. They take tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich who rule. They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own and fence their neighbors away. If America had been twice the size it is, there still would not have been enough.” – Sitting Bull

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Open the door and see the armed Gestapo at your doorstep demanding you turn over the rights of your children and toddlers. They no longer belong to you as mandated by federal law.

You see the fear in your toddler’s eyes as you are no longer capable of protecting them and are forced by law to give up your children to the police. They sit them on a bus to be shipped away to a school hundreds of miles away in which they will be trained to forget every value, tradition, and characteristic you have tried to teach. They will be disciplined with abuse, torture, starvation, and rape. If you ever see them again, they will not be the innocent child you once knew.

This did not happen in a far away land, this did not happen a long-long time ago. This happened in the “greatest country on Earth” in fairly recent history. This was the policy of the United States government in an effort to assimilate American Indian children in a boarding school system that peaked in the 1970’s.

“And Indians should get over this, it happened so long ago,” states an American Indian Education Specialist with a highly sarcastic tone, “And it really wasn’t that long ago and we’re talking about everyone in Indian country is a product or their parent, or grandparent, was a product of boarding schools. Which was institutionalized by the United States Government. And our families were destroyed, our mothers did not have legal rights to their children, at any given time foreigners, strangers, could come in and take your children without any recourse. And this was the policy of the United States Government.”

The boarding schools were designed with the slogan, “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” in an attempt to Christianize or Americanize the Indian population. They targeted children as they believed the adults were too set in their ways. In 1879, the schools were brought off the reservations to avoid children from attempting to run away and to ensure that if they went back home they would not return to their traditional lifestyle.

Forcibly taken from their homes, forbidden to speak Native languages or practice traditions, the children were overcrowded, starved, and victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The rationale for the cultural genocide was because it was cheaper to “educate” the Indians into mainstream culture than to try to wage war.

This is never taught in American school systems. History books are censored from speaking the truth of how this nation was formed on genocide of the American Indians. Now, representing less than one-percent of the population they are the last race that it is socially acceptable to discriminate against.

“The racism is rampant but nobody wants to look at it,” stated our interviewee, “I guess because we’re America’s dirty laundry.”

Pine Ridge Reservation

Although not written until 1948, it almost appears as if the United States took the United Nations definition for Genocide and used it as a checklist in their treatment of the indigenous people of the land. It reads:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

While the boarding school system described above was just one piece of the strategy, those who did “survive” were left on reservations in third-world conditions despite being between borders in one of the richest countries on the globe.

Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is the poorest area in the United States with a per capita income of less than $4,000 per year and 97-percent of residents living below the Federal poverty lines. The dilapidated houses are overcrowded as they try to take in family members and friends without a roof over the head. The average home will host 17 people (two to three bedrooms); whereas some homes that are built for six to eight people have 30 people living in them currently.

More than a third of these homes have no water, sewage, insulation, heating or electricity. Families have to carry contaminated water to the home for personal use. More than 60-percent of these homes are infested with the Stachbotrys (a potentially fatal black mold). With no technology, industrial, or commercial infrastructure on the reservation more than 85-percent of the residents are unemployed. The high school dropout rate is more than 70-percent with the teacher turnover at 800-percent higher than the national average.

On Pine Ridge Reservation, the life expectancy is around 45 years – which is the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere (behind only Haiti). This has to do with alcoholism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, suicide, and malnutrition. Some of the healthcare facts include:

Alcoholism rates are estimated at 80-percrent

Alcohol related deaths are 300-percrent higher than the national average

Nearly 95-percent of all crimes are alcohol related

One in four infants are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The rate of diabetes is eight times the national average

Estimated 50-percent of adults over 40 have diabetes

37-percent of the entire reservation has diabetes

The rate of Tuberculosis is eight times the national average

The suicide rates is more than twice the national average

Teenage suicide rates is four times the national average

Infant mortality is the highest on the continent and about three times the national average

The rate of Cervical Cancer is five times the national average

The rate of Heart Disease is twice the national average

This is due to many of the residents being without adequate healthcare. In most treaties between Indian nations and the United States, the government agreed to provide medical care for Indians in return for vast quantities of land. The Indian Health Services was established in 1787, based on Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. However, what is administered is very small compared to the need and the IHS is understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the crisis in these Indian communities.

“The administration is responsible for providing and delivering health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives across the country. Their federal obligation mandates that they promote health and safe Indian communities while honoring tribal governance. This is not happening,” said Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso, who chairs the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs – in a February 2016 article with NBC News.

“You may have heard the phrase ‘Do not get sick after June,’ because if you do, you will not be able to get care. This, to me, is a rationing of health care — care that is guaranteed by treaty. If we start funding IHS at levels commensurate with need, I believe we will solve a lot of the issues revealed in the 2010 report and the ones occurring elsewhere in this country,” said former Senator Byron Dorgan, chairman of The Center for Native American Youth at The Aspen Institute – in the same NBC News article.

Broken Treaties

Not living up to the agreements of the IHS is pretty standard for the course in United States policy. In all, 370 treaties were signed between the United States Government and Indian Nations.

And all 370 were broken by the United States.

“Yeah, none of them have been lived up to. But everybody is living on our land and nobody knows that,” continued the American Indian Education specialist, “Part of that is the socialization so whenever you up treaty rights, the reason there is so much backlash in this country like, ‘Why do those Indians have special rights? Why do they have stuff we don’t have?’ It’s because nobody is teaching these kids what a god damn treaty is! A treaty is an agreement between nations. Some nations choose to live up to them, some nations violate them.”

They are still doing it today with the controversy of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline which would cut through the heart of tribal lands.

“But when we DO end up winning in the court of the conqueror – mind you the enemies court – when we do end up having small gains, and I’ll say for every twenty cases we maybe have one that goes our way. Every time that happens, when we win, ‘why do these Indians get these special rights?”’ he continued, “Because these folks do not understand what a damn treaty is. Nobody in St. Paul knows what treaty their land is on. It’s the treaty of 1805. First treaty ever signed with the nation of Sioux Indians was the treaty of 1805. So, nobody in the Twin Cities is learning that they are living on Treaty of 1805. Nobody knows that, and because they don’t know that, when a treaty case comes Indian people are met with bigotry and hate. ‘Why do you all get to do this? Why do we get to do that?’ Well, it’s not our fault that America didn’t educate their children about article six of the constitution is that treaties are the law of the land.”

The 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty clearly defined boundaries owned by the Lakota people which covered a large part of the upper Midwest between Minnesota and Montana. However, it was the Great Emancipator, President Abraham Lincoln, who allowed white settlers onto this land by signing the Homestead Act in 1862. Treaty rights were violated and the Indian people were forced to move once again to the most inhospitable lands. In retaliation, some Sioux attacked white settlers which is referred to as the “Sioux Uprising.”

Uprising is defined as an act of resistance, rebellion, or revolt. They were not resisting, they were retaliating. But the terminology is done intentionally to spread propaganda of the Sioux that are rebelling, although it was Lincoln who violated the treaty.

This led to the largest mass execution in United States History when President Lincoln ordered to hang 38 Santee Sioux in Mankato, Minnesota – a week later he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

“Minnesota has a shitty-ugly history, but we can’t talk about it because in Minnesota everything nice happened,” our interviewee continues, “Even if you deal with Minnesota Historical Society, they don’t even want to tell the god damn truth. They call it ‘controversial history.’ Any history that is uncomfortable is controversial. Anytime Minnesota gets a little bit of mud on its face, that’s called controversial history and they won’t tell that story. But the problem with that is that pathology of denial that this state has means that it can happen again. To somebody else. Who’s next?”

The Second Fort Laramie Treaty was signed in 1868 which designated the sovereignty of the Lakota people and prohibited outside settlers to ever occupy their lands. All this changed, though, in 1874 when gold was found in the Black Hills and in other areas held sovereign by the Lakota and non-Indian miners swarmed the Black Hills. Consequently, the federal government reneged on the Fort Laramie Treaties and took total control of the Black Hills again, only a decade after signing the second treaty.

This led to more wars, breaking up of the reservations, and once again tribes being forced off any land that the United States found valuable. Then in this same area, the Black Hills, in which the Lakota people found sacred which was stolen from them after a broken treaty, the Federal Government added a slap in the face by imprinting a message on their land with Mount Rushmore. A memorial of United States Presidents serves as a constant reminder of the people who stole their land and killed their people.

Understanding the Reservation System

The reservation system in America is widely misunderstood and completely fabricated in the educational system.

Originally, the settlers agreed to give the Indians all land West of the Appalachian Mountains. But after the American Revolution, the whites continued to break treaties and push the Indians off their land. In 1830, President Andrew Jackson – nicknamed “Indian Killer” – signed the Indian Removal Act which was designed to forcibly remove Indians and march them to the newly designed “Indian Country” in Oklahoma.

This was somewhat documented in the notorious “Trail of Tears” in which Indians marched for hundreds of miles at gunpoint. If they could not continue to walk, they were left for dead. If anyone refused, they were brutally murdered in front of the group. Pregnant woman had their stomachs sliced open or they would drown infants or club toddlers against trees in a means of intimidation of anyone who would not comply.  Again, policy of the United States.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the Indian Reservation System emerged. The government would move tribes onto specifically reserved land for the tribes.

“Reservations are not land that they gave us, by the way.” Our interviewee pointed out, “Reservations mean they were reserved. A lot of folks say, ‘well we gave you some land.’ No, bullshit we were here first. You are the invader! You may have taken a lot of things but reservation, in the English language if you look it up, it means “reserved”. So that’s land the nations reserved for themselves. And it has been whittled down through lies, policy, and deceit all at the hands of the United States Government and companies that wanted to make money. Timber companies, mining companies, etc., etc, Ranchers, but those are reserved. Those weren’t given to us, we reserved those. That’s another common mythology in America.”

This all served as a precursor to the Holocaust of World War II. Many parallels exist between the mistreatment of American Indians and the Nazi treatment of the Jewish people. This include death marches, concentration camps, mass graves, destroying old cultures, blaming one group of people for the problems, etc. In fact, in a couple biographies of Adolf Hitler, he credits the United States for his ideas of genocide.

On page 202 of John Toland’s book titled Adolf Hitler:

Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination—by starvation and uneven combat—of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity.

He was very interested in the way the Indian population had rapidly declined due to epidemics and starvation when the United States government forced them to live on the reservations. He thought the American government’s forced migrations of the Indians over great distances to barren reservation land was a deliberate policy of extermination. Just how much Hitler took from the American example of the destruction of the Indian nations is hard to say; however, frightening parallels can be drawn. For some time Hitler considered deporting the Jews to a large ‘reservation’ in the Lubin area where their numbers would be reduced through starvation and disease.

Whiteclay, Nebraska

Pine Ridge Reservation is a dry reservation, meaning it is illegal to possess or consume alcohol. However, across the border in Nebraska, there lies a town with a population of 12 people. Yet, within that town of 12, there are four liquor stores. These stores sell millions of cans of beer per year and profit millions of dollars – mostly to the Oglala Sioux.

Unlike other Nebraska communities, Whiteclay exists only to sell liquor and make money. It has no schools, no churches, no civic organizations, no parks, no benches, no public bathrooms, no fire service and no law enforcement. Tribal officials have repeatedly pleaded with the State of Nebraska to close these liquor stores or enforce the State laws regulating liquor stores but have been consistently refused.

Coincidentally, the town of Whiteclay is located in Sheridan County. A county named after a war criminal in Philip Sheridan who slaughtered men, women, and children like game. Sheridan was once quoted stating “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”

So the county is living up to the man it is named after by continuing to knowingly sell an illegal drug to people which is causing the majority of problems on their land.  The state of Nebraska has refused to close these liquor stores and has no problem with the destruction done to their neighbors.

However, the state of Nebraska does not like when bordering states allow people to purchase, possess, and transport illegal drugs into their state. Once Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, there was in influx in people possessing marijuana – illegal in Nebraska. They have went as far as attempting to sue the states of Colorado because of the increased traffic, possession, and use of marijuana.

America’s Dirty Laundry

Most of mainstream America is unaware of this history and current state with the Indian people in this country. Or they do know, but they just sweep it under the rug and try not to think about it. People are living in third-world conditions because of broken promises and lack of follow through. Yet, when other countries break treaties, we become the world police.

I believe in the power of the people. Once they know what is going on in the world, they stand up for justice. This is what ended the Vietnam War. Last week, social media exploded over the death of a gorilla. Imagine the good we could do and the justice that is deserved for the people that we have killed, destroyed, lied to, put into poverty, and lacking resources that they were promised.

We are talking about generational trauma. Trauma that has been handed down from generation-to-generation at the hands of our ancestors and the policies of the United States Government. Recovery has to start somewhere and the first step is for mainstream America to realize the problem they created.

About the Author

An avid historian, Irwin Ozborne (a pen-name) is a survivor of childhood abuse and torture over a period of 13 years, and a recovered alcoholic. As a mental health practitioner, today Irwin practices holistic care and incorporates eastern philosophy into his work with clients. He is available for speaking engagements as well, and can be contacted via email: [email protected]. Please visit

This article (“Americas Dirty Laundry”: The Ongoing Genocide of the American Indian) was originally created and published by Taking the Mask Off.

Via Waking Times

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The veil of secrecy is being lifted like never before in history.

We are living in truly extraordinary times. The veil of secrecy is being lifted like never before in history. In this time of awakening, humankind is drawing back the mask and emerging as a truly special species.

In a very small amount of time, but particularly in the past few years, more people than ever have broken free from the matrix-paradigm of religion and dogma into a new one based on free-thought and unity.

Interest in alternative medicine, media and expanded worldview has completely exploded since the 2012/2013 period of the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of the Snowden revelations. Both of these events and more have served as spiritual and intellectual alarm clocks for many people on the planet.

The emergence of more intriguing and intrusive technologies has also served to spark the big questions for people. Who are we? Why are we here? What is reality anyway, and why is it that about 8 billion of us have been placed here on this planet at this time?

The answer to that question varies depending on your particular belief system, but one thing is certain:we’re here to make things right for the future.

However, certain power interests have a different idea.

The Bamboozle

It’s hard for the average, good-willed person to imagine how someone might behave when given such power and privilege over the rest of the population. They say that power corrupts, and in the eyes of the global elite the goal is power and power alone.

If you take a look at the history of ‘power-men’ and women, you will find an alarming amount of well-documented information that paints a much more sinister picture than the one created by themainstream media and education system.

One example would be Operation Northwoods, and an early 1960’s Department of Defense (DoD) document outlines the plan for provoking a war with Cuba by implementing terrorist attacks in the form of bombings and false flag attacks on American soil. This tactic of bait-and-switch been used for centuries to coerce the public into supporting wars they wouldn’t otherwise support.

Also note the Gulf of Tonkin incident, of which Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara later admitted never occurred, and the summer of 2013 when Obama tried coercing the public into bombing Syriabased on scant information about a chemical weapons attack that later ended up committed by U.S. funded rebels.

It is important to understand that the elite use many methods to keep world events moving in their favor, and for that reason, here are four of the most insidious ways in which ‘the system’ is keeping us from awakening to the truth.

1. Information Warfare

Propaganda and the control of information is the very cornerstone of any type of totalitarianism. Without control of the narrative, it is very difficult to keep a population subservient to their masters at the top. This is the reason the first amendment of the united states specifically mentions a free press, because, democracy does not work without a free flow of truthful information.

Think of it this way. If a government wants to implement something that ultimately isn’t good for the general public, then they will get backlash if they can’t figure out a way to convince them it will be good for them. You can see this most clearly in the endless ways we’re being coerced into war, but this comes up in all areas of society, particularly with technology, as is noted by recent efforts ofthe media to promote micro-chipping technology for children.

For this reason, the media has been steadily brought under the control of those with an elitist mindset who don’t mind giving up human freedom for their moment in the sun. Below them falls the boot-lickers who are seemingly incapable of free thought; there to promote the ideas of the elite, however obvious it is to them that this is what they are doing.

2. Chemical Poisons and Genetic Manipulation

One of the most common things that people are ‘awake’ to at this time is the chemical and genetic poisoning of our environment and our bodies. Corporations like Monsanto are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this area. Many people are still becoming aware of the effects of things like fluoride, which has been proven by multiple Harvard studies as well as longstanding, peer-reviewed medical journals like Lancet, to be a very potent neurotoxin that is dumbing down not only children, but the entirety of the population through the its purposeful addition into the water supply.

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain…The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.” –Phillipe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Health at Harvard University

The list goes on to include MSG, aspartame, poor nutrition, mercury in flu shots, massively high levels of heavy metals like lead in drinking water, and of course GMO’s, which are not only grossly untested for human consumption, but have also been found to change our DNA. As GMO technology becomes more sophisticated it is possible that genetic scientists can intentionally alter human DNA to create a more docile and obedient population with an incredibly tiny perception of the possible.

3. Religious Dogma, Psychology, and The Cult of Scientism

However old, religion is still one of the top ways that our perceptions are being controlled by the elite. For centuries, the greatest ideas that much of the human population believed to exist came from one book called either the Bible or the Quran. However, this belief has morphed in the age of science, now, people believe things just because ‘science says’ it is true. But have you ever thought about what science really is?

Science is a means to an end, a way to get a grasp on our surroundings so that we can better understand the world we are living in. Above that, though, a scientific mind is a mind of discovery and ideas. The problem isn’t “science” itself. The problem comes from the belief that science is a set of conclusions. But science is not a set of conclusions, it is a process – a way to check if something can be experienced more than once, like seeing something out of the corner of your eye and double-taking to find out of if what you saw was really there.

However, in the same way that if you were moving very fast on a train and thought you saw something out of the window before you turned a corner and your chance was gone, you can’t always look back to find out if what you saw was really there on this never-ending train ride we call the human experience. In turn, the gap between what is possible or “true” and what binding conclusions can be drawn by scientists is not necessarily going to come out the same.

One of the best examples is consciousness, or the energetic awareness that drives your body, and the soul. Scientists largely dismiss the existence of the spirit, because it doesn’t exist in the realm of double-blind verifiable info, and therefore, must not be true. However, our clearly conscious experience flies in the face of this belief. Because mainstream scientists won’t acknowledge it, our society is being taken in a direction that doesn’t honor free-will consciousness and important matters of the spirit, instead treating everything as purely material cause-and-effect relationships.

4. Social Engineering and Surveillance

Although most people are unaware, the prospect of social engineering by the elites goes back quite a long way, all the way back to the Frankfurt School and Tavistock Institute where it all began (at least for modern-day populations). For any who are unfamiliar, social engineering is the science of manipulating groups of people through the knowledge of social sciences and psychology.

This is also the basic principle in which data collection companies operate. When you voluntarily or unwittingly give up information, you give up something that can not only be used against you in ways such as blackmail, but you’re giving up potential social engineering data as well.

In 2014, Facebook was found to have been conducting experiments on unwitting users to find out whether or not their moods can be changed by the content they see in their news feeds. They displayed depressing images and posts to find out of that would in turn make people depressed, as measured by the content of their posts and reactions.

Later, that study was found to have been linked to a DoD research project on civil unrest.

“…emotions spread via contagion through a network…We felt that it was important to investigate the common worry that seeing friends post positive content leads to people feeling negative or left out…At the same time, we were concerned that exposure to friends’ negativity might lead people to avoid visiting Facebook. We didn’t clearly state our motivations in the paper.” – Adam Kramer, Social Scientist at Facebook

This is another one of those instances where democracy falls to the dust. As the science becomes more fine-tuned, organizations beyond just Facebook, Twitter, or other social media organizations, such as the NSA or GCHQ could easily add inputs into people’s daily experience to get them to think or behave in a certain way. Without freedom of thought and communication, all other freedoms are in jeopardy.

NSA Whistleblower William Binney has spoken out on the implications of mass surveillance, such as thechilling effect and how the feeling of being watched limits our behavior.

It Is Time To Free Your Mind

In this time of awakening it’s important not to fall into a mindset of victimization. Although it may seem pretty grim when only looking at the negative, there are a whole lot of good things happening at this time as well.

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About the Author

Phillip Schneider is a student and a contributing author to Waking Times.

This article (4 Ways The System Tries to Hold Us Back From Our Awakening) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and

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“Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. senators and congress members.” — Former President Jimmy Carter

This article was originally featured on The Anti Media on April 12, 2016, and has been reposted here.

(ANTIMEDIA) Denver, CO — The 2016 election has been a wild ride, with two insurgent grassroots campaigns literally giving the political establishment a run for its money. But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and even more so, the presidential race — is a rigged scam being perpetrated on the American people.

Events from the last week have exposed the system as an illusion of choice and a farce. They have reinforced at least one study showing the U.S. is an oligarchy rather than a democratic republic.

The Wyoming democratic caucus took place on Saturday, purportedly to allow voters to have their voices heard in the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Sanders lost the Wyoming caucus by winning it with a 12 percent margin.

Wait, what?

How does one lose by winning 56 percent of the votes? This happens when the political process is, according to the New York Post, “rigged” by superdelegates. The Postsummed up this “strange” phenomenon:

“[U]nder the Democratic Party’s oddball delegate system, Sanders’ winning streak — he has won seven out of the past eight contests — counts for little.

“In fact, despite his win, he splits Wyoming’s 14 pledged delegates 7 to 7 under the caucus calculus.

“Clinton, meanwhile, also gets the state’s four superdelegates — who had already pledged their allegiance to her in January. So despite ‘losing,’ she triumphs 11-7 in the delegate tally.”

Even media pundits on MSNBC openly called the process rigged:

The superdelegate process is complicated, as we’ve noted before, but they have one essential function: to prevent candidates like Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a video of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz explaining superdelegates:

Adding insult to injury, even when Sanders does win states (despite Hillary’s advantage in superdelegates), the media can be reliably countedon to discount Sanders’ wins as nothing more than prolonging the electoral process, which will inevitably elect the presumptive nominee,Hillary Clinton. This pervasive commentary continues despite the fact Sanders only trails her by several hundred pledged delegates.

Meanwhile, according to the same media, the non-establishment Trumpcampaign is threatened every time Ted Cruz beats him — even thoughTrump leads by a larger percentage of pledged delegates than Clintondoes. When Clinton loses, it doesn’t matter because she already has the nomination locked up. When Trump loses, his campaign is in big trouble. Starting to see the problem with the media coverage?

When you examine these media narratives, a troubling pattern emerges that goes beyond the political establishment’s self-interest. You begin to see that American corporate media also functions as an arm of the political machine, protecting establishment candidates while attacking — or dismissing — candidates who seem non-establishment.

This brings us to the events that transpired during the Republican nomination process in Colorado on Saturday. The Republican Party of Colorado didn’t even bother letting people vote before using arcane rules to strip the democratic process of its democracy. According to the Denver Post:

“Colorado GOP leaders canceled the party’s presidential straw poll in August to avoid binding its delegates to a candidate who may not survive until the Republican National Convention in July.

“Instead, Republicans selected national delegates through the caucus process, a move that put the election of national delegates in the hands of party insiders and activists — leaving roughly 90 percent of the more than 1 million Republican voters on the sidelines.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s non-establishment campaign walked away with zero delegates. They were all “awarded” to Ted Cruz.

“How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger — totally unfair!” Trump said on Twitter. “The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!”

In an interview on Monday, Trump was even more frank. “The system is rigged, it’s crooked,” he said.

The Colorado GOP didn’t even bother hiding its intentions, tweeting — then quickly removing — what was possibly the most honest insight into the back-door dealing so far this election season:


The Republican party chooses the nominee, not the voting public. Still in disbelief? Watch a Republican National Committee member explain it better than I can:

What we are witnessing — for the first time on a large scale — is the political establishment’s true role in selecting the president of the United States. The illusion of choice has become apparent. The establishment anoints their two picks for president, and the country proceeds to argue vehemently over the two candidates they are spoon-fed. This dynamic is reminiscent of a prophetic 1998 quote from philosopher Noam Chomsky:

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

Ahh, the illusion of choice. Sure, in reality there are third party candidates who should be given a fair shake, but in our mainstream media-augmented reality, third parties do not exist. They aren’t mentioned. They aren’t even included in presidential debates. This is another way the media stifles healthy debate, stamps out dissenting opinions, and preserves the status-quo.

We The People don’t choose our presidents; they are hand-picked by a powerful group of political party insiders — parties that have long since sold out to the highest bidders. What we have on our hands in America is arigged oligarchy, and that’s not a conspiracy theory — it’s fact. Now, however, millions of Americans are becoming aware of it thanks to the populist campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. America’s elections are controlled by a big club, but unfortunately, “you ain’t in it!”

This article (2016: The Year the Americans Found out Our Elections Are Rigged) is an opinion editorial (OP-ED). The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of Anti-Media.

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Whether deliberate or not, through desensitization to violence, humans have become conditioned to value human life at increasingly lower levels. Nothing is more evident of this conditioning than the reaction to the killing of the beloved and endangered gorilla, named Harambe.

The death of an endangered gorilla is most certainly tragic. However, the sheer number of people to become enraged over Harambe’s death while remaining silent in the face of human slaughter is discouraging, to say the least.

In Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, thousands of innocent civilians, including children have been murdered by drone strikes alone — and written off as collateral damage. In 2015, the United States dropped over 23,000 bombs in the Middle East — nearly one for every terrorist killed leaving thousands of unintended human targets dead.

Millions have died in the West’s relentless pursuit of nation building and controlling oil, all of it is written off as “collateral damage,” and the clueless politicians march on. In the meantime, the public at large remains complacent and silent in the face of mass murder.

After bombing a Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontières, MSF) hospital in Afghanistan — and shooting at terrified victims as they fled the chaos, and then attempting to cover up its role in the tragedy, the Pentagon finally admitted to their crimes, but announced that none of the 16 people who carried it out would face any significant punishment. Americans and the mainstream media said nothing.

The U.S. government attacked a hospital with innocent charity workers, patients, and civilians, killing 45 people — and no one cares.

On the contrary, a gorilla is shot to save the life of a 4-year-old child who unwittingly fell into its cage and Americans are furious.

Thousands of American soldiers dead, tens of thousands more brutally injured, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East sent to early graves, and millions more displaced, and it takes a gorilla to get people shaken up.
If the US government would bring to a halt all of its nation building, drone strike programs, militarized occupations, and 700+ bases around the world, you could rest assured that the “massive terror threat” would diminish to almost nothing.

Unfortunately, the US, in their relentless pursuit of empire, show no signs of stopping. Whatsmore, the unchecked decades of meddling and funding strategic terrorist organizations who supported their temporary interests have manifested into an actual threat.

The United States is attempting to start World War III by rattling the military industrial complex-sponsored saber at Russia and China, a move that could set off global nuclear war — and We the People only care about Harambe the gorilla.

On top of the empire building across the globe, the United States is building a police state at home. In the Land of the Free, citizens are killed by public servants at nearly twice the rate of soldiers deployed to war, and yet again — no one cares.

Do not mistake this sentiment as a lack of sympathy for the slain gorilla; it is entirely possible for one to grieve the loss of animal life as well as human life. However, it is the intention of the article to draw attention to the lack of sympathy for the latter.

It is natural to be angry at a gorilla being killed, but holding resentment toward the 4-year-old child, like most of the angry crowd is doing, is most assuredly not the solution. How about questioning the inhumane nature of zoos in general which put that gorilla in a hole in the ground and allowed for the child to fall in?

There are 10,000 zoos worldwide, with 25% of them in the USA. This is in spite of the USA only being home to 5% or so of the world’s humans.

Perhaps those people never should have been there in the first place. Perhaps if humans wouldn’t dump copious amounts of money into places that cage animals so other humans can gawk over them, then this entire ordeal wouldn’t have happened. But these things are too hard to consider when the establishment rabble rousers are clouding America’s collective mind with deceptive fury.

Anger at death is important, however, it should not be misguided into unhinged rage. It should be used to focus on solutions to prevent future deaths. And, it should not be selectively steered by the establishment. If Americans became half as angry at the unjust wars waged in their names as they have over the death of Harambe — peace would be here tomorrow.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. .

Via The Free Thought Project

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The church’s survival depends on your belief in the concept of Hell.

Religions tend to invent ideas and concepts just like every other creative human enterprise, and they have unleashed some remarkably bad ideas onto humanity. Most of these are centered around the notion of telling people what to do and how to live their lives, with the aim of convincing people that conformity to church guidelines will bring some intangible reward in the afterlife.

One example of many is the Christian belief that the one and only way not to eternally burn in Hell is to accept Jesus Christ as the savior, as if no other deity or religious experience is valid to the human experience.

The concept of heaven and hell has been so ingrained into the human psyche that many people cannot see beyond this limiting paradigm to any other possibility. Retired Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong, however, doesn’t seem to believe in the myth of Hell, and during a nationally televised interview he shared his opinions on why he thinks convincing the flock to believe in the concept of ‘Hell’ is absolutely critical to the Church’s survival.

“I don’t think Hell exists. I happen to believe in life after death, but I don’t think it’s got a thing to do with reward and punishment. Religion is always in the control business, and that’s something people don’t really understand. It’s in a guilt-producing control business. And if you have Heaven as a place where you’re rewarded for your goodness, and Hell is a place where you’re punished for your evil, then you sort of have control of the population. And so they create this fiery place which has quite literally scared the Hell out of a lot of people, throughout Christian history. And it’s part of a control tactic.”

Many people turn to religious teachings for solace and guidance in life in our insane world, but, Bishop Spong seems to think religion helps people be less responsible for their own life and the world we live in, offering a unique perspective from the typical doctrines of Christian belief.

The church doesn’t like for people to grow up, because you can’t control grown-ups. That’s why we talk about being born again. When you’re born again, you’re still a child. People don’t need to be born again. They need to grow up. They need to accept their responsibility for themselves and the world.”

No one can really confirm where human souls are bound after death, so why do religions create stories of places like Heaven and Hell? The answer is simple: to control people and keep the Church alive.

If even some of the most religious men, such as Bishop John Shelby Spong, are starting to publicly expose the motivations behind these stories, perhaps it is time for the masses to critically evaluate the value of religion over the importance of direct personal spiritual experience.

“Every church I know claims that ‘we are the true church’ – that they have some ultimate authority, ‘We have the infallible Pope,’ ‘We have the Bible.’… The idea that the truth of God can be bound in any human system, by any human creed, by any human book, is almost beyond imagination for me.

God is not a Christian. God is not a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindi or Buddhist. All of those are human systems, which human beings have created to try to help us walk into the mystery of God. I honor my tradition. I walk through my tradition. But I don’t think my tradition defines God. It only points me to God.”

The interview with retired Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong can be viewed below:

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About the Author

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

via: Waking Times

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Are you aware of just how Uncle Sam is spending your tax money?

Most people probably don’t think too much about this, but are you aware of just how much of your income is being used to fuel the military industrial complex?

Conveniently omitted from the corporate/state-run media organizations is the fact that some 53 percent of your tax dollars are spent on the military. That’s right, more than half of the money you give to Uncle Sam for the privilege of being American income is spent directly on military.

In 2011 the budget for the US Government was over 3 trillion dollars, while military spending included a $717 billion request from the pentagon, $200 billion towards “overseas contingency funding” for the two major conflicts we are engaged in, and $40 billion in black budget intelligence which includes the CIA, NSA, and other agencies where the amount of money given is never fully disclosed.

In addition, $94 billion was spent on non-DOD military operations, $100 billion on health care and veterans benefits, and $400 billion was spent paying off the interest on debt raised to pay for past wars. This all adds up to over 1.6 trillion dollars spent on so-called defense. That is more than what was spent during the second world war after being adjusted for inflation.

Defense Spending Or Offense Spending?

Now it is true that defense spending is important to American interests. You might be inclined to think about how much worse off we would be without a military. Without a strong defense, if a country decided to engage us in any sort of negative way militarily we wouldn’t be able to resist or hold our ground.

However, what is typically called “defense spending” is by-and-large nothing offense spending designed to support a policy of military interventionism which exploits many nations for their natural resources and establishes Rothschild controlled central banks wherever and whenever they can.

To see this, one needs not look beyond the excuses for going to war in the first place. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident of August 1964, to the supposed WMD’s in Iraq, to Obama’s attempt in the summer of 2013 to begin bombing campaigns in Syria, nearly each and every war is initiated alongside war propaganda intended to serve the special interests who profit from the lucrative military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address of 1961.

Why would they need to continuously lie to get us into war if there was a plausible reason for “defending ourselves” in the first place?

Drone Bombings Are America’s Slap In The Face To The World

When you take the immediate danger of American soldiers out of the equation, and in some cases any human input at all, it creates a situation where the public generally doesn’t see any problem with bombing the living daylights out of another country because it is out of sight, out of mind. For this reason, the drone program has become one of the military’s most insidious operations in history.

To put the drone program into perspective you have to understand its scale and its ability to remain covert. During the Obama presidency alone, the US has bombed a total of eight countries. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, and Pakistan. Also, Obama became the worlds first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner when he authorized a strike on a Afghan hospital run by the 1999 Peace Prize recipient Doctors Without Borders, killing at least 22 people. And somehow, bombs somehow keep on falling in places where Obama boasts that he hast ended two wars.

A recent whistle blower exposed the fact that about 90 percent of those killed in drone strikes are not the intended targets. Yes, you heard that right. For every ten people killed by American drones, nine are innocent bystanders, some of which are merely patients in a hospital suspected of harboring terrorists.

“What is war but mass murder on a scale impossible by private police forces?” – Austrian economist Murray Rothbard

This Money Could Be Spent Fixing Our Country, Or Better Yet Not Stolen From Us

In 2014 one fighter jet ended up costing the US $400 billion dollars. That amount of money could havepayed for every homeless person in America to have a house worth $600,000. Imagine what that kind of money could have done if it were spent on humanitarian efforts, or better yet, if left in the hands of hardworking Americans who are supporting the economy through their free market decisions.

At the end of the day, we are all cash-cows for Uncle Sam and his globalist military industrial complex.

This short video puts it all nicely into perspective:

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Phillip Schneider is a student and a contributing author to Waking Times.

Originally featured on Waking Times